Thursday, October 13, 2016

Easy 1/Tuesday

Day 1 A1. Banded Sampson Stretch 1 min each leg x3 A2. Glute bridge with pelvis tucked under 10 reps each leg x3 B1. 10 Active Pigeon Stretchs each leg x3 B2.10 Banded Adduction w. Therapy band each leg x3 C1. Foam Roll Quads w/ Barbell 1 min each leg x3 C2. 10 Tempo Rear Elevated Split Squats no weight 5555 each leg D1. Foam Roll Calves 1 min each leg x3 D2. 30 Foot Elevated Hamstring Pulses each leg x3

Did all this, felt pretty good.

Dude.... have you done the temp rear elevated split squats?? I couldn't complete 10 reps of these well.  I cut it down to 7 reps and that was freaking hard. I was shaking.

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