Thursday, October 30, 2014


Day 10
A. EMOM 12 min 3 Hang Squat snatches @ 60% 1rm

Yup- I actually did 13mn. My low back is very tired. 

B. Establish Max UB Chest to Bar Pull ups in 3 Attempts rest as Needed

30, 23 ripped my hands, 19 grip 

Not sure why I stopped at 30. I just did without thinking. I was tired but not so tired I needed to stop. 

20 Min AMRAP
50 Cals Rowing
50 WB Tosses
50 Toes to Bar
50 KB Swings 2 Pood
50 Box Jumps 24inches

1 round + 76 reps

Hardest part was t2b- grip and hips tired. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Day 9
A. Back Squat As many Reps As Possible @ 285

19 reps. Failed coming up on my 20th. Not much of a fight at that point. I used all my fight up on 17-19

B1. 20 KB Swings 2 Pood - x5 Rest 1 Minute


B2. AMRAP Strict toes to Bar-x5 Rest 1 minute

8 shoulder is bothering me, think it may be bicep tendon. Grip hard too.

7 grip. Takes a long time. Struggling to control myself. Partially because of shoulder. 



5 grip

B3. 5 Muscle ups x5 Rest 3 Minutes


15 min Z1 row 


Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Day 8
A. Tempo Defecit deadlift 4-5 reps 5 seconds up 3 seconds Down 1 Second Pause x5 Rest 3 minutes

295 for all
x6, x6, x5, x5, x4

This seemed to be the right weight. Don't think I rounded my back

B1 15 Power Snatches for Time 75lbs x4 Rest 0 secconds

:37, :33, :36, :34

B2. 6 Power Snatches for Time 155lbs x4 Rest 4 minutes

1:30, 1:22, 1:48 missed 1, 1:27

Hips were tired. A little hard to catch. I didn't realize during it but I noticed how tight my shoulders were when I was doing mobility after.

100 Wall Ball Tosses For Time
EMOM 20 Double Unders

5:42 all was unbroken besides 2 screw ups on the dbl unders

Not bad, just a little out of breath.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Day 7
A. Squat Clean build to a Max

255. Missed 265 a few times. I think my bicept tendon is angry and screwing up my catch. My right arm just wasn't coming around

B. Front Squat 5x5 (5lbs Heavier than Last Week)

This is really hard. I'm tired. Did not do as prescribed. This is what I could get through. Need a rest day. 

225 x5
245 x4
245 x3
245 x3
245 x3

C1. Hang UB for 30 Seconds x4 Rest 10 Seconds


C2. 200M Farmers Carry For time 2 pood Each hang x4 Rest 3 minutes

1:40 1 break 
1:53 2 breaks. 
2:05 3 breaks
2:05 3 breaks

Row 30 seconds @ 100%
Rest 3 minutes


Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Day 6
A. Squat Snatch Build to a Max

205 sloppy catch. I video'd last one and I'm coming up to quick. I need to catch it and settle and then squat it up. 

B. Droop to 80% and Perform 6 singles Rest as needed

165 easy

C. Snatch Pull 3x3


Deadlift 335
Burpee Box Jumps 20"


DL hard. Low back tired 


Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Day 5
10 Min AMRAP @ 85%
AD 20 Cals
10 Deadlifts 155lbs
10 Box Jumps 24"

4 + 14cals

Rest 5 Minutes
10 Min AMRAP @ 85%
AD 20 Cals
10 Power Cleans 115
100M Farmers Carry 2Pood

2 + ad and 3 pc's

Grip, had to break a lot on farmers carry, hips got tired on cleans but they were ok. I screwed up the weight on cleans and had to change it after doing 10 at 95lbs. I redid the cleans on that round. This process slowed me down a lot. 

Rest 5 Minutes
10 Min AMRAP
AD 20 Cals
10 Power Snatches @ 95lbs
30 UB Double Unders (no more than 3 attempts though)

3 + 16cals

Did the snatches in 2 sets. I did dbl unders but put most of the weight on my right leg because of my calf. 

Grip is tired and so are hamstrings. Felt kinda slow and tired. It's 9am and I haven't eaten and didn't each much last night so that is probably why. 


Day 4
A. Back Squat As many Reps As Possible @ 275

20 reps

B1. 20 KB Swings 2 Pood - x4 Rest 1 Minute

1, 1, 1, 1
B2. AMRAP Strict toes to Bar-x4 Rest 1 minute

10, 7, 7, 7

Can't hold on. Takes so much grip to hang until I stop swinging. 

B3. 5 Muscle ups x4 Rest 3 Minutes

1, 1, 1, 1

C. 100 Double Unders for Time 

Did not do this because of calf issue

AMRAP 15 Minutes
20 WB tosses
10 Burpees 
5 Thrusters @ 135lbs 

5 + 30 reps

Not bad. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Day 3
A. Tempo Defecit deadlift 4-5 reps 5 seconds up 3 seconds Down 1 Second Pause x5 Rest 3 minutes

275 x5
295 x5
295 x4
295 x5
295 x5

Rounding back a lot at the end. 

Left side of low back is very tight

B. Seated good Mornings 14-16 x5 Rest 2 minutes

115 x14
115 x14
115 x14
115 x14
115 x15

C. Glute Ham Raises 8-10 x5 Rest 2 minutes

8, 8, 8, 8, 8 

These are very hard. 
4 Rounds For Time
Row 500M
20 Box Jumps 20"

Calf cramped on 3 round. Then I really slowed down. Until then, row was at about 1:47 and bj's were fast. Love 20" bj's

Friday, October 17, 2014


Day 2
A. Front Squat 5x5

245 weight seems right
245 really focusing on keeping chest up and back tight/straight. Need this to transfer to catching a clean. 

2mn rest? Thats what I did. 

B1. Hang UB for 30 Seconds x3 Rest 10 Seconds
B2. 200M Farmers Carry For time 2 pood Each hang x3 Rest 3 minutes

Unbroken, :30 easy
Unbroken, :30 little harder on grip 
Unbroken , :30 ok

This wasn't bad. I cano more. 

Not exactly 200m. Did it inside gym. Tony's desk to carpet area, to garage door and back to desk

For Time
30 Squat Cleans @ 135
15 Squat Cleans @ 185
5 Squat Cleans @ 205

12:15 low back, low back, low back get so tired it hard to bend down to change weights. But I did it. 

About 4mn @135, 4mn @ 185, 2mn @ 205. Rest of it was transition. All singles. No misses. I'm raising my but  on the pull too much as I get tired. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Day 1 
A. Snatch Pull 3x3 Video  (stay light if you need to and make sure you are getting those knees out of the way.)

205 x3

Pretty easy except for grip. Knees need to go a little more back. 

I think my very last 2 reps were the best

Let me know what you think 

I'm putting videos on my YouTube thing but I don't know how to share that

B1 Tempo Good Mornings 3 seconds down 3 second pause 3 seconds up 8-10-x5 Rest 2 minutes

45 x10
55 x10
55 x10
55 x10
55 x10

B2 Glute Ham Bridges 22-24-x5 Rest 2 minutes

155 x22
155 x22
155 x22

I think I was supposed to do 5 sets? But this was tweaking somthing in the back of my right knee. Not bad but it was aggravating something so I stopped. 

AMRAP 10 Minutes
3 Squat Snatch 165
3 Muscle ups
9 Box Jumps 30"

5 rounds 2 snatch

Banged my shin pretty good on round 3. Hurt. Made me break and slowed me down. I did not bound the box jumps. I could have in the beginning but I needed the rest anyways. 

Snatch as singles, Mups unbroken

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Day 20
20 Min AMRAP
20 Thrusters @ 135
20 Pull ups
20 Burpees

3 + 52 reps. 

So close to 4... Was shooting for 4 rounds. I was pretty happy with my pacing but wish I would have rested 20secs less and I would have finished the round. Easy to say now. 

First round was about about 3:30, 2nd about 5, then about 6 and 6. This is about what I planned on. Knew I would start strong and the. Die off. 

Did 10,5,5 for the first round of thrusters. Then all 5's for the rest. They got hard at the end but I never did less then 5. Shoulders hurt. 

Did 10 and 10 on pullups, except lady round I started to break up more after 10. Mental- tired. Should have held on. 

Did all the burpees slow and unbroken. 

Pretty happy overall with my planning and sticking to it but wish I would have finished the round


Day 19
A. Deadlift Max Reps at 405lbs

3 reps. Couldn't hold on anymore. Was supposed to be unbroken, right?

Row 1000M For time
Rest 15 minutes BTWN efforts

3:22 first 600m were strong at 1:37 pace. Then fell apart. 

Hamstrings and forearms, ouch
Ate a sandwich at 3:30. Feel like I may puke. 

3:33 more steady pace. 1:45 for entire

3:36 started at 1:43 and then fell off. 

Friday, October 10, 2014


Day 18
A. Squat Snatch to a Max

195  felt good and easy today but just
Wasn't explosive with 205. Couldn't get it up. Whatever. 

B. Back Squat to a Heavy Single Back down to 70% and Perform 3 sets of 10

Only got 325 and failed at 335. 

Did 225 for the sets of 10

Legs were sore today but hips felt ok. 

Spent some time doing mobility last night. Trying to do that more. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Day 17
A. Split Jerk to a Max


Missed 265 4 times. Just struggling. Not sure why,
Something is off. Maybe sleep, food or mobility??  Not enough warm up??  I've still been fighting a cold, maybe that is taxing me?? I dunno, but something is off. 

B. 6-8 Bent over rows -x5 rest 2 minutes

135 x8
155 x6
155 x6 
155 x8
155 x8

50 OHS @ 95lbs
50 FS @ 95lbs
50 Shoulder to OH @ 95lbs
50 Power Cleans @ 95lbs


Ohs 25, 25. 20sec break
FS 20,15,15
Stoh 15, 15, 12, 8
Pc. All 5's

Power cleans were hardest. Low back started to get tired on front squat and then pretty bad on cleans. I think the cleans took about 5mn

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Day 16
A. Hang Squat Clean to a Max


I was sloppy and unfocused today. form was off and lots of distractions. I missed 245 once. Then I did it easy. Missed 255 twice which I did at freeze fest. Frustrated me. Fell back on all my misses. 

B Front Squat to a 3 Rep Max

Did 245 and then dropped my last rep at 265. Really struggling today. Rounding back and just not strong

C Seated Good mornings 6-8 Reps

115 x8

Did 5 sets

AMRAP 8 Mins
Power Cleans 210lbs

I couldn't clean for the life of me. Really struggled for 3 reps and then quite. Not my day, not sure why but really struggling and frustrated today

Monday, October 6, 2014


Did this in the morning around 6:30am

Day 14
A. Deadlift 5x3 - Rest 3 minutes Reset after Every rep

365 starting to round back

Happy with this. Especially for 7am

B. 8-10 tempo Good mornings 5 Seconds Down 3 second Pause 3 Seconds up -x5 rest 2 minutes

45 x8
45 x8
45 x8
45 x8
45 x8 

Do these ever get easier? So hard on mid back. Especially on the hold at bottom. 

C. 20-24 Glute Ham Bridges- x3 Rest 2 minutes

155 x22
155 x22
155 x20

Did this in the afternoon around 3pm

Day 15
For Time
AD 300 Cals
Row 3k
Run 1 Mile


About 20 on ad
About 12 on row
Just under 7 on run

My cardio was fine on the ad but quads were ready to blow up, body was ok on row but cardio was kinda hard, couldn't get a good pull. Rowed about 2:00/500m pace at about 20 strokes/mn. I was ok cardio on the run but just couldn't move legs any faster. They were just doing their own thing, almost numb. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Day 13
A. Squat Snatch x5 Rest 2 minutes

155 loose and wobbly on catch
155 little better. Pretty fast
165 hard at end but pretty good. 
170 dropped final rep. Totally mental. Thought I was done

Low back a little tired now

B. Back Squat to a 5 Rep Max Back 

315 for 5 felt pretty easy
Tried 325 but only got 3

Down to 85% and perform 3 sets of 8.- Rest 2 minutes Btwn sets

 Not an issue

15 Min AMRAP
15 Thrusters 135
15 Box Jumps 24 Inches
250M Row

3 + 13 thrusters. 

Died on thrusters. Not sure if it was the shit to. Of squats I did today or the sudifed I took cuz I'm getting a little sick but I was totally taxed on the thrusters. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Day 12
A. Split Jerk Clusters x5 Rest 20 seconds Rest 2 minutes

215 dropped last one. Just not focused. To far forward. 
220 pretty happy with this

B. 6-8 Bent over rows -x5 rest 2 minutes


8 reps for all

C. 100 Pull ups for Time

5:10 is this better then last time??

I was happy with my grip. I know that was better then the past. 

Sets of 10 though 50, then sets of 5 until done. Probably rushed the rest to much in the beginning. 

For Time
50 Dead Lifts 225
50 Toes to Bar
50 KB Swings 2 Pood
50 Power Cleans 95lbs


Was really hard on grip and low back. I totally paced everything. Maybe to much. But judging by how tired I was on the cleans- it was probably right. Took some time to change weights and maybe another 30 seconds from being in the way of the class. Not sure what you expected on this??