Thursday, May 26, 2016

Day 10/Thursday

Day 10 

 A1. Bench PRess 4-5 Reps Rest 2 minutes x5 

205 x5
205 x4
205 x4
205 x4
205 x3 right shoulder/arm. Not good. Think I need a new one. 

I don't have a spotter so not pushing as much for the last rep if questionable. 

A2. Weighted Ring Dips 4-5 reps Rest 2 minutes x5 

24kg x5
24kg x5
24kg x5
24kg x5
24kg x5

Hard but good. Weight was right. Hurts shoulder a little. 

+ Bike 60 Seconds @ 63-65 RPM's Bike 30 seconds slow

347 Cals. Felt  pretty good. Fairly consistent at 65

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Day 6/Tuesday

Day 6
 A. Make sure you have a really good warm up before you start this. Hit some 5 second AB sprints to get your HR up 30 squat Cleans @ 225lbs for Time 

8:41 i was happy with this. all singles. last 10 were pretty slow. first 10 was less then 2mn. then maybe 3mn for next 10 and remainer for last 10.

B. Tempo Zombie Squats 2-4 reps 3 seconds down no pause 3 seconds up no pause rest 2 minutes x5 

not enough time for B

+ 5 rounds for Time 7 Strict HSPU 15 Power snatches 95lbs 15 Thrusters 95lbs 7 Muslce ups

Felt like death. Did 3 rounds in 14:57 and quit. HSPU unbroken. 1st set of snatches and thrusters, 8/7. then 5's
mups all 4/3. Shoulders were pretty tired, barbel felt heavy. I was super out of breath, hot and high heart rate.  Some of it may be the heat, nutrition and hydration. Felt like bitch for not finishing but i'm not sure it was realistic to keep going. I was done.

Day 8/Monday

Day 8 
A Split Jerk Every 90 seconds for 9 minutes 1 split Jerk, build as you go start heavy 

225-275 felt pretty good although not super stable in the catch

B. Split Press 4x5 light to moderate load focus on making sure your shoulders are supporting the weight and not your lats rest as needed btwn sets 
C. Bench Press 6-8 reps try to go heavier than last week rest 2 minutes x5 

I didnt have time for B/C today

+ 4 Sets AB Sprint 10 Seconds 10 Burpee Box Jump Overs 20" Rest 4 minutes btwn sets


These were good. hard to breath when done but didnt slow during. about 10-12 cal on each AB cycle

day 7/Sunday

Day 7 
A. EMOM 10 min 3 Defecit Deadlifts 2-4" Defecit 255lbs 

Deadlifts felt good

B1. Single Leg barbell romanian deadlifts 4x10 each leg rest 1 min btwn legs and exercises 

95 lbs

B2. Single Leg Barbell bridges 4x10 each leg rest 1 min btwn legs and exercises 


+ Row 500M @ 85% Row 250M slow Row 500M @@ 85% Row 250M Slow x3 Goal is to have all 500" around the same time

Row was solid. all 500m's were at 1:46pace

Day 9/Saturday

Changed the order of days:

Day 9 

A. Squat clean 1 rep every 90 seconds for 9 minutes build as you go, start heavy 
Missed at 285 but felt good up to that.  caught it but didnt stand up

B. Front Squat 1 rep every 90 seconds for 9 minutes build as you o start heavy 

295 shit felt heavy

+ 3 Rounds for Time 20 Wall Ball tosses 30lb Ball 15 Toes to bar 100 Double Unders Rest 10 minutes 3 Rounds for Time 10 Thrusters 135lbs 15 Chest to bar Pull ups 20 Box Jumps 20" 

I did this but my phone was broken, i have no clue how long it took  me. I dont remember at all. just remeber doing it. Screwed up double unders a lot, because of new shows, wall balls were all unbroken. t2b 8/7.

Thrusters were a bitch and chest to bar were ok.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day 5/Wednesday

Day 5 A1. Bench Press 6-8 Reps rest 2 minutes x5 A2. Weight Ring Dips 6-8 Reps Rest 2 minutes x5 + Bike 60 Seconds @ 62-64 RPMs Bike 30 seconds slow x20 

I really didnt have time to workout today. So i skipped the strength and just did the AB. It actually went pretty well. I was working hard but was pretty steady at 64-65. I adjusted the seat height in the at minute 10. I normally AB at 4 for height but i moved to 5. I did much better, my legs did not get as much lactic build up because they could extend all the way at the bottom instead of remaining slightly bent and under tension the whole time. Makes sense, that is how its supposed to be on a road bike and this should be similar.

I think i did about 330 cals

Day 4/Tuesday

Day 4 
A. Squat Clean Build to a Heavy Single in 15 minutes 

285 but shit was hard

B. Front Squat to a heavy Single in 15 Minutes 

failed at 295, probably rushed it a bit. really toubh

+ 15 Min AMRAP 10 Thrusters 115lbs 2 Rope climbs 10 OHS 115lbs 10 Box Jumps 24" 

6 rounds 

This kinda crushed me, did the thrusters unbroken but it elevated my heart rate a lot and then i rested way to long during the rope climbs. I also forgot to put on a shin sleeve and got rope burn. it hurt which didnt help me mentally feel like jumping back on the rope.  Box jumps we steady

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Row & Stretch/ Sunday

I know you won't believe this but I rowed for 10mn at a 2mn pace and then I stretched for 20mn. 


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Day 3/Saturday

Day 3 
 A. Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Build as you go rest as needed btwn reps 


Felt ok. Little unstable in the shoulders on the catch. 

B. Split Press 3x5 @ light to moderate weight focus on having your shoulders 
support the weight at the top of your press 

115 for all.  Felt good not hard but good stability. 

C. Bench PRess 6-8 Reps rest 2 minutes btwn sets x5 

I didn't bench. Would have liked to because I suck at it but I knew Luca was getting to him limit of gym/sitting time and I wanted to get metcon in 

+ 4 Sets 10 Deadlifts 275lbs 10 Bar Facing Burpees Rest 4 minutes btwn sets


This was pretty solid and fast no issues

Friday, May 13, 2016

Day 2 /Friday

Day 2 

 A. EMOM 10 min 3 Banded Deadlifts 205lbs

Yup- very easy. Green band

 B1. Single Leg barbell romanian deadlifts 3x10 each leg rest 1 min btwn legs and exercises 

95 lbs

B2. Single Leg Barbell bridges 3x10 each leg rest 1 min btwn legs and exercises 

45lbs. My body doesn't know how to do these. 

+ Row 500M @ Moderate Pace Row 750M @ Fast Pace Row 250M @ slow Pace x3

Yup this sucked. 

1st round;
1:55, 1:40-45, 2:15

2nd round;
1:55, 1:45-50, 2:25

3rd round;
2:00, 1:50, 2:25

My mid back was blowing up.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day 1/Wednesday

Day 1 

A. Make sure you have a really good warm up before you start this. Hit some 5 second AB sprints to get your HR up 

30 squat Cleans @ 205lbs for Time 

6:22 my low back is destroyed from Monday. Left side low back. Probably should have stopped. But I didn't. 

B. Tempo Zombie Squats 4-5 reps 3 seconds down no pause 3 seconds up no pause rest 2 minutes x5 

135 x5 Staying light to keep easy on back and keep good positioning 
155 x5
155 x5
155 x5
155 x5

Felt good.

+ 20 min AMRAP 
10 HSPU 
10 Dumbell Snatches 100lbs (did at 70)
10 Shoulder to OH 115lbs 
10 Chest to bar Pull ups 

5 round  + 20 reps

Everything unbroken. Transitions really slow. Dbs REALLY slow. By far, the most time on dbs.  Tried 100lbs and could not get one. Between my low back and poor shoulder stability, it wasn't happening. Felt low back a lot on dbs. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Day 10/Monday

Day 10 

A. EMOM 10 min 3 Banded Deadlifts @ 75% 1rm Grn Band 

335 with purple 

B1. Seated Good Monrings 10-12 reps rest 2 minutes x3 

95 x12
95 x12
115 x12

B2. Glute Ham Bridges 10-12 reps rest 2 minutes x3 

+ 5 min AMRAP Ski Erg 50 Cals 100 Burpees Rest 45 seconds 5 min AMRAP AB 50 Cals 300 Double Unders Rest 5 minutes x2

Can't remember how many burpees first round. About 45ish??

77 dubs. Lots of mess up. 

Still really slow on AB

27 burpees
80 dubs

Slower on ski and bike. Fuck the bike. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Quick Garage WOD/Sunday

It was a variation of something Rob @ SM had programmed on their blog

24 deadlift 135
24 Box Jump 24"
24 pull-ups
24 push jerk 135
24 box jump
24 pull-ups
24 power cleans 135
24 box jump
24 pull-ups


I'm in terrible metcon shape right now. 
DL unbroken
Box jumps kinda slow
Pull-ups- 1st round- 12,12. 2nd/3rd 8,8,8
Push jerk- 8,8,8
PC- 4,4,4,4,4,4. Didn't want to drop any too early on a Sunday in my garage so all touch n go. 

This was probably worse becaus wi didn't warm up at all. I also ate 20mn before I started. 

Whatever. Happy to have gotten a decent workout in. Will be a family filled Tay until this evening so I knew if I didn't do it now it wouldn't happen today. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Day 9/Thursday

Day 9 
A. Strict PRess 6-6-6-4-4-4 rest 2 minutes btwn sets 



B. 3 Rope Climbs AFAP rest 90 seconds x5 

30sec slow coming down
40sec screwed up feet 2x had to do 3 pulls

+ Sled Push 7 seconds @ 100% Rest 90 seconds x5

Did AB instead.  All about 8cals. 

Was supposed to be a rest day but.....ya know

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day 8/Wednesday

Day 8 
A. Every 90 seconds 1 Squat Clean Build until you reach a max from 185 10 lbs every 90 seconds Add 10lbs 

Missed 285. Caught it but was in bad position and didn't stand up. Should have. Thought I may pr but not today. Based on how 275 felt. 

 B. Zombie Squat @ 50% 1rm 5x5 rest 90 seconds btwn sets

Yup- felt good. Good positioning. 

10 min AB @85-90% 

AB wasn't available so I ski ergged 
2360m, 146 cal @ 2:08 pace

10 min Row @85-90% 

2480m, 161cal @ 2:01 pace

into For Time 
50 Toes to Bar 
50 Kipping HSPU 
50 Chest to bar Pull ups 
50 Box Jumps 24"

Not sure, clock got reset, about 15mn


T2b in 7,s and then singles around 37
10's for hspu breaks too long
5's for c2b breaks too long
Bj slow

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Day 7/ Tuesday

Day 7 
A. Split Jerk 4 Singles @ 83% 4 Singles @ 85% rest 2 minutes btwn singles 


Felt good

A1. Waiter Walk 100ft each arm heaviest possible KB rest 1 minute x3


A2. Single Arm Plank 30 seconds each arm rest 1 minute x3 

A3. Powell Raises 10-12 each arm rest 1 minute x3 

10x 12

Yup, yup, yup

+ Row 3 minutes for Max Cals Rest 45 seconds x4


That totally. crushed me and I don't think I did that well. First round of 71 was because I really pushed the first minute and half. Then slowed down. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Day 6/ Monday

Day 6 
A. Every 90 seconds until Failure 1 back Squat Start @ 275lbs and build by 10lbs every 90 seconds 

Failed at 365 felt week today. Expected more. 

+ AB 10 Seconds @ 100% Rest 2 minutes x5

About 10cals on all felt good on this went hard.