Tuesday, February 25, 2014


A. Work to a Heavy Single Squat Clean Plus thruster (Not a Max)

C. 5x5 Weighted Pull up @ 45% 1rm-Rest 2 Minutes

45lbs wast sure of max- didn't have my phone. This seemed about right. It was hard- lipped some

B. 20 Burpee Box jumps for time x3-Rest 4 Minutes

1:12, 1:10, 1:20

I screwed up because I didn't have my phone so rested only 3mn. My hips were really tight and tired. I don't know what my deal is. I'm trying to spend more time stretching them at night. 


A. Squat Snatch 5 Reps @ 75% 1 Rm-Rest 90 Seconds

155 pretty easy
B. Back Squat 3x3 @ 70% 1rm-Rest 2 Minutes

235 easy

30 WB Tosses
60 double Unders

1:40 easy, unbroken


Day 6

A. Split jerk to 1 rep

275 pr 

B. drop to 85% amrap 8mn jerk from rack

Couldn't do this. Biceps/ shoulder started acting up

For time
100 wall balls
100 t2b

12:20. 4:10 on wall balls. Then took almost a minute to put on grips- bad idea. Did sets of 10 t2b until I got to 50. Then 3 or less. Did a lot of singles. Wall balls were ok, shoulders tired but I should have done them unbroken

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Day 5
A. EMOM 12 Minutes 2 Squat Clean to thrusters @ 155

Pretty easy- felt like a warm up. Was moving kinda slow but all good

B. Back Squat 6x3 @ 80%-Rest 2 Minutes

265- not bad quads a little sore/slow but easy enough
Min 1- AD Bike Hard 30 Seconds
Min 2- 3-5 Muscle ups-Hit 5 for as long as you can
Min 3- 3-5 Power Snatches @ 135

MU's= 5,5,5,5,4,4,3,3,3

Snatch= 5,5,5,5,5,5,5,3,4

I started losing the false grip witch screwed up my muscle ups- grip got tired and wriste tore open on round 6. Snatch's went well and AD was ok. My hips as a whole were just getting really tired on everything. Feel like that has been where I feel workouts a lot lately. Probably need more mobility in them.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Day 4
10 Rounds for Time
500M Row
10 Toes to Bar


I paced the row between 1:52-1:57. This seemed about right. I'm may have been able to push a little harder but I'm not sure the few extra seconds would be worth it. I was unbroken on the t2b until the 6th round and then I was doing 6/4. My t2b fell apart in the last round and I did 5- 1, 1, 1, 1,1. My hamstrings were a little tired on the row but I felt surprising good on the row. My grip and hips/abs got tired in the t2b.


Day 3
A. Clean Grip Deadlift 2.2.2x5 Rest 20 Rest 3 Minutes

275 for all. I assumed by clean grip you ment hook grip and like a clean pull?  Anyways- I did hook grip and really struggled to hold on to the bar. The grip was really the only hard part but it was pretty difficult for me. 
B. Tempo Good Mornings 33x1 8-10 Repsx5-Rest 2 Minutes

95lbs-  these where way harder then I thought they would be. Did 10 for all rounds but it was a struccle in the middle/low back and hamstrings. 

5 Rounds For Time
40 WB Tosses
45 Second AD Bike-75%

Took me 15:30

Legs a bit tired, shoulders a little. Just hard


Day 2
A. AMRAP Clean and Jerks @135 30 Second on 1 Minute 

7, 7, 6, 6, 7
Everything was a little tired- hips, low back, grip was the worst.  I struggle bringing the bar down and regriping. I have to pause quick at the hip on the way down

B. EMOM 5 3 Front Squats @ 80% 1 RM

235- hard but not to bad. Legs a limitless tired but low back is pretty sore

C1 Shoulder to OH 8-10 Repsx5 Rest 10 Seconds
C2. AMRAP (-2) Chest to Bar Pull upsx5-Rest 4 Minutes

This didn't go well. I did the first round and then started having biceps issues. When I went to the second round and dropped the weight because of my biceps I called it quits. I felt it after the cleans/squats but I just figured it would go away- it didn't.


Freeze Fest Deload

20mn AD 5 Burmese every 5 mn AFAP
+ mobility 

Felt good

Friday, February 7, 2014


FF Deload

10 Thrusters @105 AFAP
8 Chest to Bar Pull ups 
x 4 
Rest 3 Minutes Between sets

27, 26, 26, 25

Fun, easy, fast

10 Dead lifts @205
ME Distance HS Walk 1 Attempt
Rest 3 Minutes between sets

Did this too but my times and distances are kinda irrelevant. They were all about 40 seconds and walked about 30 steps on hands. Gym was really busy so space was limited, I did what I could for the walks and timing was off because I had to wait for people to get out of my way. 


Freeze Fest Deload
Row 30 seconds @ 85%
Row 30 seconds @ 50%
30 Minutes Mobility

Row was fine. Middle back a little tight. Rowed about 5000m. Mobility was nice. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014


5 Rounds
50 wall balls
30 seconds ME AD
Rest 3 minutes 

2:10, 2:35, 3:00, 2:55, 3:50

Ouch. Did first round unbroken and second 25,15, 10.  After that it was roughly 5 sets of 10. The airdyne wasn't that hard cardiovascular wise because I had so much lactic acid build up that I couldn't move very fast. I felt my shoulders a lot on the wallballs. My legs were never that bad during the wallballs but then felt them immediately when I got on the AD. My lower back was the biggest problem- probably from doing FF  dead lift workout yesterday and front squats?? It got to the point that I had to squat down just to pickup the ball when I dropped it. I literally dropped face first to the ground after my last set because my low back was so seized up. That's what slowed my last round down so much. 

As a human- we have two options for picking something up off the ground. Bending at the hip or squatting. Neither of these are an option for me at the moment because my back and legs are so worked- thanks. 


Day 20
A. Front Squat to 1 Rep Max

295 - PR. Felt good but 300 wasn't even close

B. Perform 50 Front Squats for time @ 60@ of Above

4:20. Broke it up into 15, 10, 10, 5, 5, 5. My rest was about 20 seconds each time. Too long?

C1. Max Effort Toes to Barx3-Rest 1 Minutes

22, 17, 13

C2. Max Effort UB KB Swings 53lbsx3 Rest 5 minutes

34, 22, 21


For some reason my shoulders have been bothering me while kipping- pull ups and t2b. So I felt them a little but it was really all grip.

Also practiced freeze fest DL workout and burpee box jumps.

Did DL at 185 and got 68 reps. Felt pretty good but I was tired after. Burpee box jumps were fine.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Day 1

This was overall tough for me. It was Thursday so I had been up since 4am, didn't eat a whole lot, I was super busy which is why I did day one instead of day 20. I was kinda just going through the motions. I needed to get my workout in but my mind was not in it at all. I was distracted and tired. 

A. Power Snatch to a Max


These felt really good at lighter weight but as soon as I just from 155 to 165 I just lost focus and form. 170 felt really freekin heavy. My inner hamstring was bothering me too, I think from DL's and back squat. 

3 Rounds for Time
25 KB swings 2 Pood
25 Burpees


My grip was decent but my body was tired. My burpees were really slow and hard- felt them in my hips a lot. 

I need to stretch more. 


Day 19
A. 10 Rep Max TnG Squat clean (heavier than last week)

195 for 9

I could not complete my last one. I pulled it but didn't catch it. It was hard and catch my breath a few times with the bar in the rack position. These are hard for me to plan because if I don't complete it in too spent to try again. My lower back was a little tight and I really had to concentrate on keeping tight on the catch and squat. Overall I was pretty happy with it though

B1 Deadlift 5x4 Rest 2 minutes

315, 335, 365, 385, 365

My grip and lower back were done. My form was pretty bad at 385 so I went down for my last set. Lower back was really worked. 

B2 Bench Press 3,2,1,1,1 Rest 2 minutes

215, 225, 235

I tried 245 at the end for 1 rep and fought it about 1/2 way up for a pretty long time but didnt end up getting it. 


Day 18
A. EMOM 14 Min 2 Clean and Jerks @ 165-185

Did these at 175. I could have gone up but I was really focusing on my form. Hard but not to bad 

B.Back Squat 5,4,3,2,1

295, 305, 315, 325, 335- fail

I failed on my single at 335 but overall I was feeling pretty strong

C. Weighted Pull ups 5x2

35, 45, 53, 53, 53

Not bad
WB Tosses
Chest to Bar Pull ups
Box Jumps 24 inches


I was surpised by how hard the c2b's were. I really struggled doing more then 10ish the first round and then I was breaking all of them up A LOT. Maybe I was sore from Saturday and my shoulders where bothering me which was screwing with my butterfly. 

Everything else in the WOD was fine and unbroken.