Monday, October 3, 2016

Easy 1/Saturday

Day 1 A1. Single Arm Plank 30 seconds R and L side rest 1 min x5 A2. External Dip Support hold AMSAP (as soon as you start to get wobbly come down) rest 1 min x4 A3. KB Windmills 5-7 reps rest 1 min x5 A4. 10 Scap push ups rest 1 min x5 A5. 10 Cat Cow rest 1 min x5 B. 5x 60 seconds bent Knee hollow body hold

Yup- did all this.

Then I did this:

Squat Clean Emom, start at 135 increased by 10lbs every mn. stopped at 255. 

I just wanted to get some movement in after being off for so long

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