Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Day 2
A. Squat Snatch to a Max


Missed 215 3 times. First time was close. Second 2 were not. I little forward and a little tired in the low back. 

B. 5-6 OHS x5 Rest 2 minutes 3 seconds down 3 second pause at the bottom fast up 1 second Pause at the top

135 x6
155 x5
155 x5
155 x5
155 x5

I'm a little wobbly and forward in the bottom but mainly a shoulder and wrist issues. Both hurt. 

C. 3x3 Snatch Pulls to the hip rest 2 minutes

Did these at 95. Work in progress. 

AD 3 Minutes for Max Cals
Rest 12 Minutes

74-  30 first mn, 20 second mn, 24 last mn

71- more even this time. 23 first mn, 23, second mn, 25 last mn. Picked it up at end. 

71- same splits as previous round. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Day 1

Did front squat the other day 

B. Split Jerk Clusters x5 Rest 20 seconds between reps Rest 2 minute btwn sets


Bicep hurt on last one. Didn't feel great but no misses. A little lose in the core on the catch. 

15 Min AMRAP
15 KB Swings
15 Toes to Bar
15 Calorie Row

5 rounds, slowed down on t2b at the end. Took longer rest. All the rest wast pretty much the same. All kb's unbroken, t2b 8,7 with a few singles at the end. Row 1 stroke per cal, had to reset machine each time. Kept going back to meters in the beginning. Pull got tired on t2b and grip was hard too. 


North vs South Gym Comp

20 mn AMRAP

50 wall balls
50 dbl unders
40 box jumps
40 toes to bar
30 chest to bar
30 Burpees
20 cleans 145
20 jerks 145
10 snatch 145
10 mups


Was tired and didn't do well. Not happy with this at all. Not sure it's worth redoing. I should have done better though. 


Started Programing but then did comp class:

5,4,3,2,1 front squat

265,275,285,295, failed for 1 at 305. 

295 for 2 was easy, surprised I didn't get 305. Maybe should have tried again. 

As a team of 3:

90 clean and jerks at 185
90 snatches at 165
45 muscle ups

We did all singles on the lifts. This was pretty easy, I should have done alone. I did 30 of the 45 MU's, all in sets of 5, this was probably the best I've done on 30 mups, especially after the other movements. 

Friday, December 26, 2014


Day 15
For Time 
Clean and jerks 225
Wall ball tosses


WB unbroken. Straight from c&j to wall balls but long rest after wall balls. Lots of rest in clean and jerk. All squat cleans. No misses

Rest 10 minutes
3 Rounds for time
10 HPC @ 185lbs
10 Toes to Bar


HPC 3,3,4 every round. These were pretty good 
T2b first round 5,5; second 5,2,1,1,1; third unbroken 

My pull is very tired. Grip is shot too. 

Rest 10 Minutes
For Time
2k Row


Felt great for first 500, 1:47 pace. Felt like shit middle 1000, 2:00 pace. Picked it up for last 500 and ended last 200 at about 1:37 pace. Hamstrings and forearms are done. 
Total: 51:50?? (I think)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Day 14
A. Power Snatch to a TnG Triple Max

175 but I squated the last. 

I can regularly do 175 for 3 and I planned on doing more today but my body is tired and hurt pretty bad. I put 185 on to see how it would feel but I just did 1 and my shoulders don't want to do more today. 

For time
20 Muscle ups
100 Power Snatches
20 Muscle ups


First set of mups took 2:30, snatch took  12mn, another 4mn for second set of mups. 

Was pretty happy with this. My mups were pretty solid and in sets of 5,4,3 for both sets, which I was happy about. 

I keps the snatches slow. Sets of 5. I probably could have sped these up but still keps sets the same. I didn't really time my rest. Was tired today. 

My grip was actually fine diring the workout. I felt it after in my forearms but didn't notice during with is impressive for me. 


North/South Gym Comp

150 dbl unders
30 thrusters (95)
100 dbl unders
20 thrusters
50 dbl unders
10 thrusters


Did first set of dbl unders unbroken; broke the 100 into 50,25,25 I think, maybe did 50 unbroken? Can't remember. Got a little more tired in these then I thought figured I'd go all unbroken but I got pretty tired. At least I planned the breaks and didn't screw up. 

Broke the first set of thrusters into 10,10,10. Second was 10, 6, 4. Thirst was 6,4 I think. I should have been able to do all 10's. This was a little mental, but also tired hips/leg. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Comp Class

As a team, one partners works while the other rest. Except Burpees are alternating. 

Matt Stock and i partners 

50' unbroken handstand walk
40 Burpees
40 back squat at 225 
40 Burpees
40 dead lift at 225
40 Burpees
40 hspu (strict)
40 Burpees
40 c2b

Time was 16:13 I think. Can't remember when we started. May have been 15:13

Handstand walk was fine

Did the back squat as set of 20. I didn't want to have to clean the bar up again. Last 8 were kinda slow but they were fine

Did 5's on the dead lift. Probably could have done more but I didn't see a point. 

Hspu were fine. Did all 5's and 3's. Got a little slow at the end but no big deal. I did more of these then Matt

Did 5's for the c2b. Probably could have done 10's at least to start but didn't see a point at the time.  Transitions on this should be so quick that it shouldn't matter but looking back we didn't transition fast enough and it was the last thing so no need to save energy. Probably should have done bigger sets. 


Days are off because of gym comp

Day 16
70 Min AMRAP @ 60% (Keep HR below 120 BPM)
AD 20 Cals
10 Burpees
10 Pull ups
10 Thrusters 75lbs
10 Box Jumps
Row 500M
10 Power Snatches 75lbs
10 KB Swings 2 Pood
10 Toes to Bar

7 + 28

Felt good today. Pushed at the end to get some extra reps but felt steady throughout. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Day 13
A. 12 Min EMOM 1 Power clean @ 95% 1rm

These were all pretty bad. I don't feel like I was slamming my hips but my feet didn't move back at all and every one except my warm up and 3rd rep were squat cleans. 

B. Push Jerk 5x5 rest 2 minutes

185, 195, 205, 205, 215

I should do more next time. Jerk felt pretty good. Bicep hurts a little but not during work, in between sets. 

C. 4-6 Front Squats 4-6 Front Squats 3 seconds down 3 seconds pause 3 seconds up rest 2 minutes x5

165 x5
165 x5 I start inching forward with my chest which put more weight in wrists/biceps. Doesn't help. Need to keep chest up
165 x4
165 x4

T spine tight, biceps hurts a little. Just trying to stay tight and chest up. 
30 Min Z1 AD

I took a 40mn run instead of AD. Felt good to get outside even though it's cold, miserable and dark at 4pm. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Day 11
A. Push Press 1 rep every 30 seconds for 30 reps @ 60% 1rm


Felt good

2k row
100 cal AD
100 burpees


Rowed about a 7:20 2k, hamstrings were tired, forearms/bicep too

AD was standard- sucked. About 5-6mn

Burpees slow but continuous- 7mn ish

Monday, December 15, 2014


Gym vs Gym Comp

Snatch ladder:


1:50 took my time but missed 205 on first try, then got it. 


30 snatches #75
30 pull-ups
30 snatches #95
30 pull-ups
30 snatches #135

128 fairly happy with this. Felt like I was in control the whole time until the last few reps. Paced it well for me. 15 and 15 on first set of snatch. 7, 5's and 3's on second set of snatch. Singles on last set

Did 10's for first set of pull-ups. Can't remember what I did for second set but it was in control, didn't burn out. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Comp class

Partner workout

50' UB handstand walk (30 burpee penalty if fall)

6 pull-ups, 4 C2B, 2 bar mups
80' Walking lung with 155/105 on back
6 pull-ups, 4 C2B, 2 bar mups
80' Walking lung with 155/105, front rack
6 pull-ups, 4 C2B, 2 bar mups
80' Walking lung with 155/105, over head

12:05 total time. Hard to say where this stacked up with rest of the teams because people started at different times but in guessing it was the fastest or close to it. 

I did everything unbroken except I dropped the bar with 1 lung left in oh position. Then I failed once and then go it. Just struggled to stand up without dropping it at that point. 

I felt good about this. Was happy I could get through the pull-up,c2b, mups as one set all 3 times. 

Jo didn't get the handstand walk so I got a little extra rest but I think I was probably the fastest overall individual, I think tony was the only other one to go unbroken but I'm not sure if he got has handstand walk. 


Day 12
60 Min AMRAP @ 60% (Keep HR below 120 BPM)
AD 20 Cals
10 Burpees
10 Pull ups
10 Thrusters 75lbs
10 Box Jumps
Row 500M
10 Power Snatches 75lbs
10 KB Swings 2 Pood
10 Toes to Bar

6 rounds + 20 cals. 

I think this was above 120bpm. I was pretty tired after about 30mn. Row and ad were conversationals and transitions were slow and easy but the movements themselves where kinda taxing. Especially the weighted stuff.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Day 10
A. Power Snatch to a Max


Snatch 195 3 times but all squat. Shoulders and bicep hurt. Low back tight and I'm tired 

B. Every 30 seconds for 30 Reps 1 Power Snatch @ 135

Felt good. Form felt good

20 min AMRAP
10 Deadlifts @ 315
15 Box Jumps 30 Inches
30 Calorie AD

4 + 45 (20 cals int ad on 5th round)

Box jumps were ok but slow. Hips got really tired. Deadlift weren't horrible. Started well with a set of 4 or 5 and then whatever I could after that. Singles at the end. Just two sets in beginning. 


Day 9
A.12 EMOM 2 Power Cleans @ 85% 1RM

205. Really focused on moving my feet back. They were ok. I'm hitting my hip more then my quad. Think I'm pulling with my arms some

B. Split Jerk to a heavy Single

245 missed 255 twice. First one I didn't dip deep enough and second one my change of direction was slow. My bicep is to angry to spend more time in from rack position

C. 4-6 Front Squats 3 seconds down 3 seconds pause 3 seconds up rest 2 minutes x5

Doing back squat to let my bicep rest.

225 x5 seems hard. Haven't back squatted in a bit
225 x5 struggling to stay back and chest up.  May be cuz I'm a bit tired to. Just seems hard. 
225 x5
225 x4
225 x4

5 Rounds For Time
15 Cal Row
20 Toes to Bar
40 Double Unders
Rest 1 minute BTWN Rounds

2:10 t2b bad. Hips/pull
2:20 hip
2:25 hip
2:30 hips

My t2b went to shit. Last round I did 5,3,1,1,1,1,1,...


North vs South gym comp

2000m row
10 DL at 1.5 bw 
Rest 2mn

Total time was 14:02

Grip schewed me on sdhp. Mentally slowed down on last few sets of wall balls. Needed to push through. 


Comp class-

Clean and jerk conga line-

Did 245 easy, missed 265 a few times. I felt like I was close on my first attempt. I started coming out of the squat to quick and lost it on the way up because I never fully caught it and settled in to a good position. 

Open workout 13.??


Clean and jerk and t2b

Got 95 reps, I think that was 5 reps into round of 18. I should have had a few more reps. I mentally slowed down on my last set of t2b. All sets prior of t2b were in 1 or 2 sets and all c&j singles. 

Friday, December 5, 2014


Day 8
50 Min AMRAP @ 60% (Keep HR below 120 BPM)
AD 20 Cals
10 Burpees
10 Pull ups
10 Thrusters 75lbs
10 Box Jumps
Row 500M
10 Power Snatches 75lbs
10 KB Swings 2 Pood
10 Toes to Bar

5 rounds + 13 cals

Yup. Not bad. Grip got a little tired on snatches but not a big deal. Curious what my heart rate would be if I wore monitor

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Day 7
A. 4-6 straight leg Romanan Deadlifts 5 Seconds up 1 second pause 3 seconds down 3 seconds pause rest 3 minutes x5 

275 x5
275 x6
275 x5
275 x4
275 x5 

Hard to keep mid section tight and straight. Grip hard too. 

B. Push Press 3,2,1 Rest 2 minutes btwn sets

215 x3
225 x2 failed my second rep of the first attempt but then did it again right away and got it 
235 X1

This was all pretty good for not warning up. This hurts my bicep when bringing it down

10 Rounds for Time
Row 500M
3 Muscle ups


Not bad. Row between 1:55-2:00 for the second half. First half closer to 1:52. All mups unbroken. Little transition time between Rower and mups but right back on rower after. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Day 6
A. Power Snatch 3,2,1, 3, 2,1

175 x3 actually did this 2x because squated 
the last rep
185 x2 squated second rep
195 squat, did this 3 times. All squats

165 x3
175 x2
185 X1 squat. Tried twice, squated both 

Wtf-just not happening today. 

B. 4-5 Seated Behind the Neck Press Snatch Grip 3 Seconds up 1 second pause 3 seconds down 1 second pause rest 2 minutes x5

65 x5. Not hard except pushing from bottom
65 x5
75 x5
75 x5
75 x5

For time
50 Shoulder to OH @ 185 (From the Floor)

9:15 This was difficult. T spine rather tight. Front rack position was shit. Locking out was hard.  Did- 10, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 4, 4, 3, 2, 2