Monday, June 30, 2014


Day 3
A. EMOM 10 Min 5 Deadlifts @ 275

Felt heavier then it should have but it was ok. grip a little issue

C. Airdyne Sprint 15 Seconds Rest 2:15x5

I did 5 sets of 6 10m shuttle runs instead- rest 2mn

this was fairly easy but it was good.  each round took :16secs.  Floor was kinds slippery which was a little troublesome

6 Sets
15 KB Swings
20 Box Jumps
100M Farmers Carry- 2 Pood Each Hand
Rest 6 Minutes btwn Sets

2:02 unbroken
2:12 1 break on carry
2:10 1 break on carry
2:03 1 break on carry but I walked a lot faster
2:07 1 break on carry, 1 miss on box jump. Fast walk
1:59 1 break on carry, I was almost running

This was a fun workout and felt like I was preforming pretty well. I did well on all the KBS and box jumps moving quickly. The farmers carry was really tough on the grip but I felt like I did a good just fighting through it. I should have walked faster on the first two rounds.

Felt better then I have in a while.


Day 2
A1. Push Press 4-6 Reps-Rest 1 Minute

155x6, 155x6, 155x6, 165x6, 165x6

These felt OK, didnt feel real strong and solid in the core. kinda felt wobbly

A2. 5 Muscle ups for time-Rest 3 Minutes

Did all unbroken each took :15secs.

You didnt put how many rounds. I guessed it was 5??

B1. 15 Power Snatches for time 95lbsx5-Rest 10 Seconds
B2. 6 Power Snatches for time 145x5. -Rest 3 Minutes

This was too much for me. I was so worked when I got to my first set of 145. My first round I did the 15 and then 3 at 145. then I scaled the workout to:

5 sets of 15 Power Snatches for time at 95lbs- rest 2 min. (I counted my first set though which included the 3 reps at 145)

:55, :58, :58, 1:02, 1:07

These were OK, I was surprisingly tired for how easy it should have been. My hips were really tired, slow and tight but they didnt hurt except my right side when I would pick up the bar for the first rep.


Day 1
A. Power Snatch to a Max


B. Power Clean to a Max

230 felt supper heavy. I really rushed this. Did 3 reps at 185, 1@ 205, 1@225, 1@235

C1. 10 Glute Ham Raisesx3 - Rest 2 minutes
C2. AMRAP Strict Toes to Barx3-Rest 2 minutes

I skipped c1/c2.  Not enough time

100 KB Swings For Time 2 Pood
EMOM 3 Power Cleans 165

Did 70 KBS in 4:08 and this included my 3rd set of Power Cleans. I was totally smoked and tired. My grip was gone and it was just to much volume for first day back so I scaled back. My third minute, I only did about 7 KBS. Cleans where pretty easy.

I really rushed today but wanted to get at least somthing it. It was all pretty brutal but was nice to get back at it.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


AD Sprint AFAP 15 Seconds Rest 2:15 x11

10, 10, 10,  11, 10, 10, 9, 9, 9, 9,  9

These are all calories, nice to have a readout for a change. 

30 Minutes Mobility

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


A. Max Set Muscle ups


30 Muscle ups For Time


Wow- both of these were way worse then the last time I did this. Last summer my max effort was 11 or 12 and I think my 30 time was about 5mn. 

Not sure what was up, I just wasn't getting high enough so I missed a lot. Maybe because of all the pullup work lately.   I think the difference in the false grip vs regular makes a difference for me.  I think I will start incorporating MU's into my warmups. 

Monday, June 2, 2014


5 Sets each for time
10 Strict HSPU
20 Chest to Bar Pull ups
30 Second AD Sprint
Rest 4 minutes btwn sets

1:10, 1:20 (rowed instead of AD), 1:45, 1:55, 2:02

On the second round i rowed instead of AD, chelsey was kinda doing it with me and i let her use the AD that round, after that i was so far ahead of her it didnt matter.  My pace on the first two was the same, the extra 10 seconds was setting up on the rower.

I did the first 2 rounds unbroken on everything. after that my C2B went to shit.  I did all the HSPU unbroken and the AD was obviously the same amount of time so it was almost all C2B that made the difference.


A1. Bench Press 3 reps- Rest 2 Minutes x5

195, 205, 205, 210, 220

A2. 12 Strict Pull ups For times- Rest 2 minutes x5

:20, :18, :20, :24, :26

30 Minutes Mobility



AD Sprint AFAP 15 Seconds Rest 2:15 x9
30 Minutes Mobility

Did it, i was surprised my heart rate didnt come done quicker


A1 12 Strict Pull ups for Time-Rest 10 seconds x5

:17, :22, :25, :31, :34

A2 3 Muscle ups For Time-Rest 3 minutes x5

I did not get one MU- i spend 1:30 each round doing attempts.  Terible

B. EMOM 5 Min 10 Shoulder Press @ 55-75lbs

75lbs, harder then last time but doable

C. Max Set strict HSPU- Rest 2 minutes x3

7, 5, 2

Went mountain biking for 2hrs right before this and didnt eat after. Think it affected me


3 sets @ 100% Each for time
AD 30 Seconds Sprint
15 Burpees
25 Chest to Bar Pull ups
15 Burpees
AD 30 Second Sprint
Rest 12 Minutes Between Sets


C2B were a bitch, broke all of them up


A1. Bench Press 5 reps- Rest 2 Minutes x5

175, 185, 185, 190, 195

A2. 10 Strict Pull ups For times- Rest 2 minutes x5

:15, :16, :17, :17, :21

30 Minutes Mobility



A1 10 Strict Pull ups for Time-Rest 10 seconds x5

16, 20,, 26, 24, 26

A2 3 Muscle ups For Time-Rest 3 Minutes x5

1mn, 1mn, 1:40, 1:50,1:27

B. EMOM 4 Min 10 Shoulder Press @ 55-75lbs

75lbs- easy until last few reps of last set

C. Max Set pushups 1 min- Rest 2 minutes x3

42, 31, 30