Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day 11-15

Sorry to post all at once. I still have 5 days left. Hopefully getting back into the grove and working out more consistently. That is my goal. 

Day 11 A. Back Squat 4-5 Reps @ 310lbs rest 2 min btwn sets x5 


B. Front Rack Front Foot Elevated Reverse Lunges 6-8 reps each leg rest 2 min x4 

135 x8

Felt right 

+ AB 10 Seconds 5 Power Cleans @ 225lbs Rest 2:45 x5

Not today 

Day 12 A. Push Jerk 3-3-3-2-2-2 rest 2 min btwn sets 

235 little heavy, not sure I'll get next set
230 fuck. Dropped first one. Then went to 225 and tried again. Got it but shoulder hurts when I lock out. 
225 for 2, staying at 225

If I catch at full extension it hurts. I think it pushes should down. If I catch just before full extension, it's a lot better. Wonder if that's why I always do that without being conscious of it.

 B. Push Press Build to a Max 

225 was ok. Tried 235 and didn't get it

Drop to 90 Percent and Preform 1 rep EMOM till either 10 reps or Failure 

205 x10

Feel pretty week today. Maybe because it's morning and I didn't eat much yesterday and was feeling sick??

+ AB 4 min @ 3 RPM's Faster Than 30 min Pace Rest 1 min Btwn each set x8 Rest 3 min btwn sets 4-5

Did this. Don't remember the specifics. Stayed at about 62

Took about 2 weeks in between day 12-13. I was sick and then traveling. I did shit during this time but none of your programming and nothing too intense. 


Day 13 A. Deadlifts 1-1-1-1-1-1 Same Weight For all Sets 

425. Hard at end but right

+ 21-15-9 Deadlifts 315lbs Box Jumps 30"

8:57 not good. Rest were too long on DL. Bj's were ok, slow but consistent. 

Day 14/ Friday 
 Strength (a,b) on Friday
A. Split Jerk 12 Singles @ 245-265lbs rest as needed btwn lifts 

245 for all. Body is questionable today. Shoulder not great. Haven't really worked out lately. Stuff is heavy. 

B. 5 Split Jerks for Time @ 225lbs rest 2 minutes x5 

35sec. singles. Hard to bring down without dropping 
23sec. Unbroken. Faster but more painful. 
30sec. 4,1. Hard. Barely got last one
23sec. Unbroken. 

Day 14 metcon/Saturday 
Did this Saturday morning. 

+ 5 Sets 250M Ski Erg 20 HSPU 15 Chest to Bar Pull ups


HSPU were difficult today. Shoulders sore from yesterday OVerhead work. 

Took 4 mile run in afternoon

Day 15/Sunday

In the AM 20-30 min Z1 Run 

Ran last night. Took hour long hike with Luca on my back in this morning

 In the PM 

A. 20 Min to Establish a heavy Single Clean 

Missed 265 on first attempt. Got it on second but it was pretty bad. 

B. Banded Clean Pulls 5x5 rest 2 min Btwn sets 

225 blue band in garage. Felt slow and heavy

C. Front Squat 3-4 Reps Rest 2 min x5

245 x4
245 x4
245 x4 may have shit myself on #2, I'll check after.  Pretty hard. 
245 x4
245 x4

Probably should have gone heavier but I just feel week after hardly working out for a few week and now body is kinda tired now that I've done a few workouts and am getting back into it. All good. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Sunday Track

Track workout with Kyle

Friday/Day 10

Day 10 A. Front Squat 4-5 reps rest 2 min x5 try and go 5lbs heavier than last week

265 x5
265 x5
265 x5
265 x4

Felt good

B. Banded Clean Pulls 3-2-1-3-2-1 rest 2 min btwn sets 


10 min AMRAP with weight vest Row 250M 10 Pull ups 10 Burpees 10 Front Squats 135lbs

Feel like a fat ass when I where a vest. Now I now what it's like to be you but 20lbs lighter and not as strong. 

Really spiked after first row and set of burpees. All slow after that... Not ideal. Burpees with vest are hard. Pull-ups ok but extra weight is hard coming down on shoulder. Front squats ok. All transitions slow

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thursday 7/7

Day 9 A. Split Jerk 12 Singles Rest as needed btwn reps build as you go 

6 @ 245
4 @ 255
2 @ 265

Felt pretty good. Little struggle to lock out right shoulder. Minimum pain

B. For Time 30 Shoulder to OH @ 205lbs 


Right should/wrist/arm lockout is fucking with me. Worse when I don't drop bar. Overall was ok. 

+ 3 rounds for Time Ski erg 350M 25 HSPU


I went pretty fast on first ski, about 1:47-52 pace which is fast for me. Then slowed to about 1:57-2 for second and 2:02+ for third. 

Hspu 10,8,7 for all sets. Shit got hard 

Wednesday 7/6

Day 8 A. Deadlift 2-2-1-2-2-1 try to build through each wave rest 2 min btwn deadlifts 

395 x2
405 x2
425 X1
405 x2
415 x2
435 X11

B1. Single Leg Romanian deadlifts 8-10 reps rest 1 min btwn legs x4 

115 x10 for all

B2. Single Leg Glute Bridges rest 1 min btwn legs x4 

45 x10 left leg worse, for all

B3. 5 10 second Negative Glute Ham raises rest 3 minutes x4 

Really hard on hamstrings. Last 2 reps, cannot hold to 10sec. Negative 

C. 3 x10 clean grip Axel bar Deadlifts rest 2 min btwn sets

Nope. Too long. Been 1hr 20mn already. 

Tuesday 7/5

Did the ad part of my workout from day 7
Was super tired from lack of sleep. 

+ AB 3:30 seconds @ 3 RPM's Above 30 min AVG Pace Rest 1 min x6 Rest 2 min btwn rounds 3-4

55cals @66rpm
55cals @66rpm
48cals @63ish
47cals @ 61
46cals @60
46cals @60

I realized half way through my third set that I was going way to fast. This should have all been at about 62. I dunno what I was thinking. Been up since 4am. Kinda tired. 

Monday 7/4

4.5 mile run at cabin
150 push-ups
150 sit-ups

Sets of 25 alternating 

Friday 7/1

Day 7 A. Push Jerk 2-3 Reps rest 2 min x5 

225 x3 feel like I should do more but I question this shoulder
225 x3
225 x3
235 x2
235 x3

Struggling to lock out at the catch. I press at end of most to reach lock. Not catching it locked. 

B. Bench Press Build to a Max C Drop to 90% of B Preform 1 rep EMOM till Failure rest 3 min x2 

No bench today, no spotter and I have this fear that my shoulder will blow out on bench one of these days. Would prefer to have a spotter when it does. Maybe valid, maybe not

Couldn't do the AD metcon because class was using AD's. I took a 4 mile run when I got home

Wednesday/Thursday 6/28&6/29

Did squats on Wednesday

Day 6 A. Back Squat 4-5 Reps rest 2 min Btwn sets x5 try to go 5lbs heavier than last week 

305 x5 for all probably should have gone heavier. What did you expect for weight?

B. Front Rack Barbell Step Ups 20 reps alt legs rest 2 minutes x5 

Did this on Thursday

+ AB 5 Seconds 5 Power cleans 225lbs Rest 2:45 minutes x5

:55 had to adjust clip, weights coming off

All singles, all power. Much better then last time. 

Tuesday 6/28

2hr mountain bike ride. AD seemed to help a bit with the hill. Was able to ride up shit I always had to walk before.