Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Round 2 

About an hr later I did the class workout with Cindy and jake

45mn row for meters teams of 3 

Rowed 2:30mn at a time. My pace was all about 1:42-1:44 pretty solid. I'm tired now


Day 11
A. Squat clean 6 reps at 85-90 Percent 1rm Rest as needed btwn sets (test back a bit today with pulling If not good I will need to adjust tomorrow too.)

Did at 245 these were ok, felt heavy but no big deal. 

My back bothers me while warmin up, doing tng reps but not on the slow singles. Just tight, no pain but very tight in beginning. Feels a little better after

B. Front Squat 5, 5, 3, 3, 1, 1 Rest 2 min Btwn sets

255 x5 front rack is terrible
255 x5 shit is hard, knees clapsing in
265 x3
275 x3 front rack sucks. It's not to heavy, just can't keep good position. Start clapsing forward and end up hold bar with wrist/hands
295 X1 felt good. D
305 failure 

For Time
Calorie Row
Thrusters 115lbs


That was bad,hips tired and slow, hamstrings tight, front rack sucks. Shoulders and biceps are tight from yesterday. 

Rowed at 1650 cal/hr, then 1350 and 1200 
Thrusters: 21 ub, 9,3,3, 9ub

Wanted to give up. Didn't want to do this today but did it.  Not the best day workout out but it's ok.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Day 10
A. Split Jerk 1 Rep @ 60% Every 30 seconds For 30 reps


More then 60% by about 15lbs but it felt right

B1 AMRAP Strict Pull ups Rest 1 Mi


Bicepts tight and this shit is hard

B2 Strict Press 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, Rest 1 Minute

145, 145,150,155, 170, 175

Not sure what my press pr is but that is more then I thought I would do

7 minute AMRAP
3 Chest to Bar Pull ups
30 UB Double Unders
6 Chest to Bar Pull ups
30 UB Double Unders
9 Chest to Bar Pull ups
30 UB Double Unders
ect until 7 minutes is up

Got through 21, let rep was at the buzzer

Ub on dbl unders except screwed up once

Ub on 3,6,9
Then 6,3,3
Then 5,5,2,2,1
Then 3,3,3,2,1,1.....

Lots up pull-ups today

Monday, April 27, 2015


Day 9
A. Back Squat 5x3 Rest 2 minutes Btwn sets

325 for all

The his was good. 

B. Walking Lunges 20 steps Front Rack x3 Rest 2 minutes btwn sets


Weight is right.

10 Cal AD AFAP
10 Burpee Box Jump overs 24"
Row 250M AFAP
Rest 3 minutes

2:06 miserable. My hips don't listen to me

Fucking AD gives me a different read every time. Everything was hard because my hips stopped working. They wouldn't listen to me and do what I wanted them to. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Day 8
A1 Deadlift 5x3 Rest 1 minute

No DL because of back 

A2 Bench Press 5x3 Rest 1 minute

All at 205 no big deal

B. 12 Power Snatches AFAP 135lbs x4

It's too much stress on my back to TnG. This  is not good for it. 

EMOM 22 Min
Min 1 1-3 Power Cleans 225lbs
Min 2 Row 10 cals @ 85-90%

Yeah- just did 1 PC each time because of back.  They were ok. I should really warm up more. My last three were by far my best. 

Row was fine. 

Mobilized a little after. 


Day 7
A. Squat clean to a heavy single
B. Banded Clean Pulls 5x3 rest 2 minutes

Didn't do a and b. Let the back rest 

C. Back Squat 5x3 (5lbs Heavier than Last week rest 2 minutes btwn sets

320 should this be heavier? Any idea on what percentage of 1rep this should be?

5 Sets
15 Thrusters 135lbs
50 Double Unders Double Unders
350M Row
Rest 4 Minutes btwn sets

2:35 Ub, row slow- hips tires from massive amounts of AD and squat, row average 1:45

2:50 ub on thrusters, screwed up dbl a few times, 1:50 average on row

3:00 ub thrusters, screwed up dbl unders 4 times, row at 1:53

3:02 11,4 thrusters- shoulders, only screwed dbl unders up once, row average 1:58. Hips and hamstrings done. Left hamstring on dbl unders bothersome 

4:10 my body feel apart. I think my arms disconnected from my body. Thrusters, 8,2,2,3. Screwed up dbl unders a bunch and stopped once just because I was tired. Rowed slow. 

Felt my back during back squat but it was ok on metcon 

Did not do cleans because of my back. Figured I would do then tonight with team if anything but probably not, just let the back rest some. 

Team workout:

With Jim

66 wallballs 30lbs
100 dbl unders
66 front squat 185
66 bbj 

Did 13,10,10 for wallballs, dbl unders unbroken, squat 11,11,7, 9 (Jim was struggling so I did some more), bbj- alternated most but I probably did about 10-15 more because Jim needed a rest. 

All was ok, I got tired on burpees and squats were kinda hard but all doable. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Day 6 (kinda sorta)

AD 1 Min at 100%
Rest 4 min

27cal- bitched out. Had eyes closed for first 1/2 and I thought I was going faster then I actually was 

Then I mobilized. Bam!

Monday, April 20, 2015


Day 5 redo

5x5 back squat rest 2mn

310 felt pretty good

5x 3-4 Ghd raises rest 2mn

5 @15
4 @25
4 @25 shit is hard
4 @25
4 @25

10 rounds
10 DL @ 185
10 KB swings
10 cal row

1:08 w rower issues ?? 

Not sure if the first two times were accurate, may have been 1:18 and 1:15. I was supposed to do 10 rounds but I was really feeling my low back so I took it easy. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Day 6
A. Split Jerk 4 tough Singles


Missed some in between. Biceps hurt. 

B. Push Press 5x1 Rest 2 minutes btwn sets

225 for all

Tried 235 but no dice. 1st 225 felt really easy. 

C. Weight Pull ups 3-4 Reps x5 Rest 2 minutes

45 x4
45 x4
45 x4
50 x3
50 x4


D. AMRAP Strict Chest to Bar Pull ups

Just one set??

I did 9 felt like I should have done more. Maybe I didn't push enough I stopped when my chest stopped hitting the bar by I couldn't get the last inch. Felt like it has a lot to do with tight biceps. I just couldn't pull the last extra inch in. 

Power clean and Jerks 185lbs
Bar Facing Burpees


Low back hurts. I should have worn a belt. Or maybe shouldn't have done. We'll see tomorrow. I took the burpees slow. All singles on the cj's.  My first half of each set of clean and jerks was fast and second half slow. Transition from burpees to lift was slow too. It was all ok. Jerk was no issue and the lifts were quick with no resetting in the rack position.  It was ok. Pull is what went nothing else. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Day 5
A. Back Squat 5x5 (5lbs Heavier Than Last week)


These were hard and I was coming forward but got them done. 

B. Glute Ham Raises 3-4 x5 Rest 2 minutes btwn sets

4 @15lbs
4 @15
4 @25 barely. Really feel the hamstrings
4 @25 they hard

C. Good mornings 8-10 Rest 2 minutes btwn sets

135 x10
135 x10
135 x10 feeling the low back more now. 
135 x10
135 x10

Low back still not super happy. A wore a belt for everything today. Think it helped a little. 
Don't think the pulling intensive metcon is good idea. Just doing the team workout later instead. 

Team workout. Did with Jim

30 triple unders 
50 power cleans 225
400m run
50 front squats
400 m run
50 burpees

This was stupid. I shouldn't have done it. I went down to 205 after 15 cleans. Thought it would help my back but it didn't make a difference.

My back is fucked up now. I shouldn't have done the workout

I didn't do this:
10 deadlifts 185lbs
10 KB Swings 2pood
10 Cal Row
Rest 90 Seconds


Row 1000m @ 75/80/85/90/95% 
Rest 2 minutes btwn rows.

4:172:08 average
4:062:03 average
3:561:58 average- butt and back getting a little tired 
3:461:53 average- low back, cardio, breathing a little heavy 
3:331:46 average- this one was hard 

Planned on averages being; 2:10,2:05,2:00,1:55,1:50

Low back is tight, glad I took it easy today. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Tried to run 4 miles first thing this morning. It was a thought but my back was really screwed up and running made it worse. I ended up walking a bit. Still went 4 miles becaus I'm not a pussy but it was a walk/run

My low back is super tight. I've been trying to roll it out but still pretty bad. I guess from all the pulling on Friday after not doing much heavy pulling for the last few weeks. 


Just did this:

500m row
20 push-ups
30 wallballs
40 box jumps
30 wallballs
20 push-ups
500m row


Rowed at about 1:40.
All wallballs were unbroken.
Fist set of push-ups unbroken, second 12,8
Sucked at box jumps
Rowed second 500 at 1:50isb

Friday, April 10, 2015


Day 4
A1. Deadlift 5x5 Rest 1 minute


Hard but doable. weight was right. Hard on grip and low back but got it done 

A2 Bench Press 5x5 Rest 1 minute


Probably a little light but not much. I suck at bench. Had no spotter so I did t want to do much more. 

B. 12 Power Snatches AFAP 135lbs x3 rest 4 minutes btwn attempts

All unbroken. Grip was rough but I held on. The dirt two where fine. I didn't know if I would get through the 3rd but I did. Pull got tough on the 3rd set. 

EMOM 20 Min
Min 1 1-3 Power Cleans 225lbs
Min 2 Row 10 cals @ 85-90%

2, 2, 1 (squat), 2, 1(squat), 2, 1 (getting tired), 2, 1, 1 (squat)

Heart rate is high today kinda light headed too. Cleans hard. This is good for me though, make me clean heavy when a little out of breath, just a little. 

Most of the singles were becaus it was almost a squat clean and I didn't think the second would be much better.  Toward the end the singles were just cuz I was tired. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Day 3
A. Squat clean to a heavy single

275pr. First try. Felt easy. 

Got under 285 but not right. Call it good 

B. Banded Clean Pulls 5x5 rest 2 minutes

135 with green bands. I don't really understand. It's not hard but the bar doesn't move. Should I be using more/less weight or is it mainly the band that I'm using for resistance. The bar doesn't leave my body. 

185 with green
185 w/ green
185 w/ green
185 w/ green

C. Back Squat 5x3 rest 2 minutes btwn sets

315 x3

Feel like I should do more but they are pretty hard. 

6 sets
10 thrusters 135lbs
10 Box Jumps 30"
10 Cal AD AFAP
Rest 3 minutes btwn sets

All thruster unbroken and fine. Box jumps were worst part, slow and hard. Really hard on hips. 

Ad was hard but just mental/cardio

Middle back was really bothering me I the squats. It's super sore now too. My hole back is sore but it's like more my intercostal muscles by my lower ribs. Kinda strange. Maybe really low on my lats from pull-ups yesterday. 

Body is pretty tight, this is my first week working out hard since 5 weeks of open. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Day 2
A. Split Jerk 5 tough Singles


B. Push Press 5x3 Rest 2 minutes btwn sets

185, 185, 195, 205, 215

C. Weight Pull ups 4-5 Reps x5 Rest 2 minutes

35 x5
45 x5
45 x5
45 x4
45 x4

D. AMRAP Strict Toes to Bar x5 Rest 2 minutes


Andrea and Kelly were making me laugh, these weren't my best sets. 

Shoulder to OH 225
Muscle ups


Shoulders got really tired. Hard for body to stay tight on OH when I'm out of breath. Struggling with locking out my left elbow/wrist- mobility stuff

Went 4 unbroken and then all singles. To much rest in between.  I have to split jerk a lot at the end. 

Went unbroken on mups but took long transitions to make sure I would get whole set each time. Shoulders were tired on these too. 

Monday, April 6, 2015


Day 1

Did strength in the morning at about 7am

A. Back Squat 5x5 Rest 2 minutes btwn Sets

Felt pretty good. It's hard but I'm staying pretty upright. 

B. Glute Ham Raises 3-4 x5Rest 2 minutes btwn sets

5 reps. No weight. I suck at these. Doing wrong or just a bitch???
4 reps with 15lb plate
4 reps. I push with my toes and kinda pull myself in instead of hinging at the hip. 
4 with 15lbs, failure on last one
5 reps, no weight

C. Good mornings 10-12 Reps x5 Rest 2 minutes

10 @ 135

Went back for metcon at about 5pm

10 Wall Ball tosses
10 Box Jumps 24"
10 Cal Row AFAP
Rest 90 Seconds 
x 10

1:09 box jump issues. Should have warmed up
1:06 row slowing down

Hips are tired. Row slowed down. Box jumps got better as I warmed up. Quads are pretty tight.  Not sure splitting the strength and metcon up was good. It gave my legs to much time to get tight. 


Ran 45mn with the pooch. That bitch is kinda slow and she stops to piss on trees a lot. I think it's just cuz she needs to rest. 

Probably only ran 4miles but it felt good. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015


30mn EMOM 
Power clean + thruster

Didn't plan on it being this long but it was pretty easy so I kept going. Power cleans felt really good for a change

Did the first 23 at 205, 225 for the last 7. Failed on the thruster on the last rep. 

2 rounds for time
30 wall balls
60 sit ups
30 burpee box jumps 

13:30. I think??? Maybe 11:30. I dunno, can't remeber. It was a variation of the class workout. Just movement, that's all. Pretty easy, unbroken obviously. 

Friday, April 3, 2015


10mn EMOM
Power cleans

Cleans felt like shit, it was mainly just my catch. My front rack position was pretty bad and I was rounded foward.  But they were pretty easy strength wise. 

Rope climbs
Hspu- used the pvc bars for deficit 10"??
Cleans 225

About 8:30ish

I'm not good at rope climbs so I wanted to work on them. I'm climbing ok but resting too much in between. They kinda scare me cuz I grip sucks so much. 

Hspu were fine. 

Cleans were a bitch. They were all squat cleans and my back was really rounded in the catch/squat up. 

Andrea did a similar workout the other day. That's where I got it from. 


Was in a rush so just did some strength and then the class metcon. Did about it about 10am. Quick in and out, less then a hr. 

Front squat 
5x5 @ 245

Felt ok, hip and knees were bothering me a little. 

3 rounds
15 t2b
15 power snatch 115
30 dbl unders

Time: 7:36

It was ok- my grip got pretty smoked because I went to hard on first round. Also screwed up my dbl unders a lot on the first round.