Monday, December 30, 2013


Day 5
A. Work up to a 3 Rep Max Push Press

205. Tried 215 and got 2 but couldn't lock out the last one. 

B. 10 OHS OHS 115-155x5-Rest 2 minutes

115, 125, 135, 145, 155

Not to bad. Worst part was my wrists. 

20 Min AMRAP
20 KB Swings 2 POOD
20 Jumping squats 45lbs
400M Run

4 + 282meters 

It was all pretty taxing but I don't think that their was one part that was the worst. Legs got slow between the row and jumping squats. My row slowed down a lot from around 1:45 the first round to 1:57 the last round.  My grip was a struggle on the kb's. I went unbroken on the first, and then 10,10; 8,8,4 on the last two. 

Monday, December 23, 2013


Day 4
A. 1 Squat Clean +7 Front Squatsx5-Rest 3 Minutes

185, 195, 205, 215, 225- failed on 5th squat. 

Cleans were pretty easy but wasn't making good contact with the quad. Kinda pulling from the hip. Staying upright and stabilizing my mid section was the hard part on the squats. 

B. Clean Deadliftx5 Rest 20 seconds btwn reps Rest 3 Minutes Between sets

275, 315, 315, 295, 295

I had to go down in weights. I wasn't able to maintain my clean form or grip, they started turning into regular dead lifts and I was raising my hips to fast. My grips was a BIG struggle. 

2k Row For Time


Rowed about 1:42-1:45 for the first 1000 but then dropped to around 1:52-55 for the second. My hamstrings were done. I was tired but i really felt like I was just lacking the strength for a powerful pull. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Day 3
A. Deadlift to a heavy Single

405. Tried 415 but didn't get more then a few inches off the ground. 

B1 30 Second AD for Calories-Rest 1 minutex7
B2 10-12 Toes to Bar-Rest 1 Minutex7

Total time was 17:27 if that matters. I have no clue how far I went or how to measure the AD cuz that gauge sucks. 

I went hard and consistent on the AD. Better then I've done in the past, for sure. My quads were worked and my chest/shoulders were tired too. 

The t2b weren't too bad. Did 12 reps the first 3 rounds and then 10 the last 4. My grip held fairly well but the last 2 rounds got kinda slow after the first 6 or so. I was able to go all unbroken though. Mainly just hips/abs getting tired on these. 


Day 2
A. Back Squat to a heavy single

325.  Failed at 335. Probably should have tried 330 first. I really think I can do more on a better day. 

B. Build up to a 3 rep TnG Power Snatch Max

155. Did 2 at 165 then dropped the bar at my hip on the 3rd. Grip failed me

7 Power Snatches @135
30 Double Unders

4+ 3. Nothing particularly hard or specifically slowed me down. Just tired. Did first 5 of 1st round unbroken. Did 3-4 unbroken on the other rounds and then singles.

I think nutrition was a big hindrance today. I hardly ate anything all day and just felt overall tires and weak. 

Monday, December 16, 2013


Day 1
A. Press 1 Rep Max

165. 5lb pr

B. 20 Sets of 5 C2B Pull ups for time

10:24. My grip was shot and my lats were totally worked from doing 70 c2b's 2 days ago. Maybe I did need a rest day but this was still 3mn better then the last one I did it. 

C. 10 Sets of 10 KB Swings for Time

7:31. I thought it would be quicker but I was pretty tired at this point. My grip was the major issue. I was surprised my lower back didn't slow me down until the last 2 sets.  The first 5 rounds were pretty quick rest but the last 5 were a lot longer. All in all, not to bad. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Ran 60 mn at recovery pace- pretty slow.  Easy. Not sure how far I went. 


A. Weighted pull-ups, 3x 10 w/ 3mn rest

Did all w/ 20lb vest. Grip was terrible and dropped of bar twice on last round. 

B. hang square clean thrusters 5x 3. 

Did 185 for all. Thought I would climb higher as I went but the last thruster on all was barely doable at 185. 

C. 22mn emom. 1st- 7 c2b, 2nd- 3-5 tng power cleans. 

Pulls were no big deal until the end when my grip went. The power cleans were much harder then last time and the one I only got 2 on my grip went and I dropped the bar. The last round of 5 was all singles. 

I was really tired and light headed with a headache through this. My stomach has been messed up so I've been crapping a ton. I think I'm probably low on nutrition because of this. Also really struggled with grip, I got a small rip in my hand but it was pretty bloody which made the bar slippery and didn't help me grip problem. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013


10 x 400 meter sprints. 

Lost the times on my phone but they were all between 1:05-1:08. Except my 4th round which was 1:11. Everything felt pretty good beside a little slow and tired from eating shortly before running. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Day 17
A. Press 5/3/1

65, 85, 95 x 17

B. Split Jerk1 Every 30 Seconds for 20 Reps @ 80%

Not bad at all. Shouldn't tight- need to stretch more

C. 5 Weighted Dipsx5 -Heaviest Possible

45, 53, 62, 58, 58

These weren't to bad, I thought I would be able to get the 62 on the later sets but I was struggling to lock it out on the last rep so I went down to something I could complete.  


Day 16
A. 5/3/1 Dead lift Deaload

155,195, 230 x 18

B. 5/3/1 Back Squat

125, 160, 190 x 17

Air Dyne 10 Minutes for Max Distance or Calories


The lifting was easy, wasn't really sure how hard I was supposed to go since it was Deload.  I'm sure I could have done more on last sets. I paced the air dyne pretty well and stayed real consistent. My quards/hamstrings were slowing me down and my shoulders/chest was really tight. I noticed that the difference between using my arms not is pretty minimal, I think I need to use them more.  

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Day 15
A. Build to a 1 Rep Max Power Snatch

175, felt tight and sloppy

B. Build to a 3 Rep Max OHS

225 wrists hurt a bit but all in all was good. 

Row 30 Minutes For Max Meters

7495. Middle back and butt tight. Started around 1:53 pace but died to 2:00 by the last 10mn was able to keep it at about 1:57 for the last 400 though. Hard to keep constancy from one full to the next. Average overall pace was 1:58/500m

Friday, December 6, 2013


Day 10
Row 30 Minutes @ 2:15-2:30 Pace

6475 meters

Easy, hamstring a little tight, forearms kinda tight too. 


Day 13
Run 400M
Rest 2 Minutes
Stay Consistent on these. At the end
10 Burpee Penalty for any + or - 3 second deviation

1:07, 1:05, 1:04, 1:04, 1:06, 1:15 (think this is wrong??), 1:07, 1:09

Burpees- check

It was just a hair less then 400 on the track I ran on. Lower back was really worked after. Besides that, lactic acid build up and slightly out of breath but all in all, not to bad. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Day 14
A1. 1 Weight Pull upx5-Rest 1 Minute

62 on all reps- hard

A2. 3-5 Bench Pressx5 Rest 1 Minute

185 x 5, 205 x 5, 215 x 4, 213 x 3, 215 x 3

EMOM 20 Minutes
Min 1: 7 Chest to Bar Pull ups
Min 2: 3-5 TnG Power Cleans at 185

3, 3, 5, 5, 5, 3, 4, 5, 4, 4

This went better then I thought.  my grip got tired on the c+j and but no major issues with my back or anything. I should have done 5 on the first few rounds but I thought it would all be harder. 

Monday, December 2, 2013


Day 12
A. 5/3/1 Press

120, 135, 150

Got 150 x 3

B Split Jerk 1 Every 45 seconds for 20 Reps @ 80%

Pretty easy at 200. Should have gone heavier. 

C1 Weighted Dips Build to a Max


C2. Take 70% of Max and Perform 2 Minute AMRAP

8 @ 70lbs

Dips was pretty hard. No idea how many I should have been able to do but 8 was all I had. 

All in all, today was pretty easy for me and no issues to speak of.