Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hard 1/Tuesday

Day 1 
A. Back Squat Build to a 6rm 

i'm sure this should have been a bit more but my form was really bad, i was coming forward a lot and not keeping chest up. It was hard and all I had today.

B. Drop to 95 and 90% and preform 1 set of 6 at each percentage rest 3 min btwn sets 


Pretty tough which is sad considering how light it should be but whatever. It will take a bit to get back into things. hopefully stuff will come back quickly

AB 20 Seconds @ 100% 
Rest 3 minutes 


This was stupid hard. i felt like i was dying. i'm so out of shape.... my heart rate totally spiked and i was out of breath. legs where really ok and werent the limiting factor on this today. kinda the opposite of what is normal for me.

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