Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hard 3/Wedesday

Day 3
A. Back Squat 3x10 @ 50@ 1rep 5 Second Pause in bottom of 5th and 10th rep rest 2 min btwn sets

185- should have been 192 based on 385 but I figured I'm not at 385 right now. 185 was pretty easy though. 

30 min row for Max Meters


I stopped 5 times to stretch upper/mid back and swing arms. Mid/upper back really tight from beginning. Shoulder/bicep bothered me as I went on. I think it's just from shot yesterday, feels kinda tight and full in there. Started off stronger like 1:55-2 pace. Never rowed slower then 2:02 pace but lost a bit of time by stopping. Its kinda hard for me right now. my motivation is very minimal, i'm just not sure where my workout/exercise future is going with all this shoulder bullshit so i'm kinda just going through the motions.

This is the last hard day i have, will try to squeeze in easy day on thursday, super busy but will hopefully fit it in.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hard 2/Thursday

Day 2 
A. AMRAP Back Squats @ 135lbs @ 4040 tempo rest 3 min x3 do not fully lock out at the top of each rep, and do not go fully relaxed at the bottom of each rep, there should be constant tension. throughout these sets 

21, 19, 13

Was hard. my legs are worked from the other day, my quads were really struggling. i've been walking funny since.  i feel pretty weak this week but i guess its too be expected right now. these were good though, its a game changer to not lock out at the top, way harder.

+ 2k Row For Time


not real happy with this but its where i'm at right now. averaged 1:55 pace. i went straight into this after the squats and my quads were really struggling to push during the first 1300m, then cardio became an issue.  

Just trying to keep it realistic and not expect to much from myself.  My shoulder, around scapula was really bothering me during the row, just super tight in there. Rowing is fine for now but just noting it.

I'm going pheasant  hunting tomorrow so i'll be back in gym on Monday or Tuesday depending on when we get back.  will be walking a lot through fields, shooting at shit. should be good to loosen these legs up a bit. i always feel the walking in my hips because you have to high step the whole time and kick down the cattails and shit.

Easy 1/Tuesday

Day 1 A1. Banded Sampson Stretch 1 min each leg x3 A2. Glute bridge with pelvis tucked under 10 reps each leg x3 B1. 10 Active Pigeon Stretchs each leg x3 B2.10 Banded Adduction w. Therapy band each leg x3 C1. Foam Roll Quads w/ Barbell 1 min each leg x3 C2. 10 Tempo Rear Elevated Split Squats no weight 5555 each leg D1. Foam Roll Calves 1 min each leg x3 D2. 30 Foot Elevated Hamstring Pulses each leg x3

Did all this, felt pretty good.

Dude.... have you done the temp rear elevated split squats?? I couldn't complete 10 reps of these well.  I cut it down to 7 reps and that was freaking hard. I was shaking.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hard 1/Tuesday

Day 1 
A. Back Squat Build to a 6rm 

i'm sure this should have been a bit more but my form was really bad, i was coming forward a lot and not keeping chest up. It was hard and all I had today.

B. Drop to 95 and 90% and preform 1 set of 6 at each percentage rest 3 min btwn sets 


Pretty tough which is sad considering how light it should be but whatever. It will take a bit to get back into things. hopefully stuff will come back quickly

AB 20 Seconds @ 100% 
Rest 3 minutes 


This was stupid hard. i felt like i was dying. i'm so out of shape.... my heart rate totally spiked and i was out of breath. legs where really ok and werent the limiting factor on this today. kinda the opposite of what is normal for me.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Sunday Run

Ran 4 miles with luca in stroller. its harder to run with stroller, especially on the hills.

Easy 1/Saturday

Day 1 A1. Single Arm Plank 30 seconds R and L side rest 1 min x5 A2. External Dip Support hold AMSAP (as soon as you start to get wobbly come down) rest 1 min x4 A3. KB Windmills 5-7 reps rest 1 min x5 A4. 10 Scap push ups rest 1 min x5 A5. 10 Cat Cow rest 1 min x5 B. 5x 60 seconds bent Knee hollow body hold

Yup- did all this.

Then I did this:

Squat Clean Emom, start at 135 increased by 10lbs every mn. stopped at 255. 

I just wanted to get some movement in after being off for so long

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunda/Hard 10

Took walk/run yesterday (Saturday) with Luca and Dixie. Very easy. 

Also took a hike with Luca on back today for about 1.5hrs

Did this in afternoon:

Day 10 
A. Clean Grip Deadlift Cluster rest 20 second btwn reps rest 2 min btwn sets x5 

275 for all

grip, thumbs, baby hands. Little pain/tight inside right shoulder blade, maybe a good thing since that's what I've been focusing on in pt. 

B1. Tempo Single Leg Romanian Deadlift 4-6 Reps rest 1 min btwn legs x4 3 seconds up 3 seconds down 1 second pause at both the top and the bottom 

95lbs x6 for all. Getting more stable with these

B2. Seated Good Mornings 8-10 reps rest 1 min x4 

135lbs x 10 for all. These were rough today. 

B3. Low Ring Hamstring Curls 12-15 reps rest 1 min x4 

15,15, 13,12

B4. 15 Deadlifts AFAP @ 225lbs rest 4 min x4

Yup, all about 20sec