Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hard 3/Wedesday

Day 3
A. Back Squat 3x10 @ 50@ 1rep 5 Second Pause in bottom of 5th and 10th rep rest 2 min btwn sets

185- should have been 192 based on 385 but I figured I'm not at 385 right now. 185 was pretty easy though. 

30 min row for Max Meters


I stopped 5 times to stretch upper/mid back and swing arms. Mid/upper back really tight from beginning. Shoulder/bicep bothered me as I went on. I think it's just from shot yesterday, feels kinda tight and full in there. Started off stronger like 1:55-2 pace. Never rowed slower then 2:02 pace but lost a bit of time by stopping. Its kinda hard for me right now. my motivation is very minimal, i'm just not sure where my workout/exercise future is going with all this shoulder bullshit so i'm kinda just going through the motions.

This is the last hard day i have, will try to squeeze in easy day on thursday, super busy but will hopefully fit it in.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hard 2/Thursday

Day 2 
A. AMRAP Back Squats @ 135lbs @ 4040 tempo rest 3 min x3 do not fully lock out at the top of each rep, and do not go fully relaxed at the bottom of each rep, there should be constant tension. throughout these sets 

21, 19, 13

Was hard. my legs are worked from the other day, my quads were really struggling. i've been walking funny since.  i feel pretty weak this week but i guess its too be expected right now. these were good though, its a game changer to not lock out at the top, way harder.

+ 2k Row For Time


not real happy with this but its where i'm at right now. averaged 1:55 pace. i went straight into this after the squats and my quads were really struggling to push during the first 1300m, then cardio became an issue.  

Just trying to keep it realistic and not expect to much from myself.  My shoulder, around scapula was really bothering me during the row, just super tight in there. Rowing is fine for now but just noting it.

I'm going pheasant  hunting tomorrow so i'll be back in gym on Monday or Tuesday depending on when we get back.  will be walking a lot through fields, shooting at shit. should be good to loosen these legs up a bit. i always feel the walking in my hips because you have to high step the whole time and kick down the cattails and shit.

Easy 1/Tuesday

Day 1 A1. Banded Sampson Stretch 1 min each leg x3 A2. Glute bridge with pelvis tucked under 10 reps each leg x3 B1. 10 Active Pigeon Stretchs each leg x3 B2.10 Banded Adduction w. Therapy band each leg x3 C1. Foam Roll Quads w/ Barbell 1 min each leg x3 C2. 10 Tempo Rear Elevated Split Squats no weight 5555 each leg D1. Foam Roll Calves 1 min each leg x3 D2. 30 Foot Elevated Hamstring Pulses each leg x3

Did all this, felt pretty good.

Dude.... have you done the temp rear elevated split squats?? I couldn't complete 10 reps of these well.  I cut it down to 7 reps and that was freaking hard. I was shaking.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hard 1/Tuesday

Day 1 
A. Back Squat Build to a 6rm 

i'm sure this should have been a bit more but my form was really bad, i was coming forward a lot and not keeping chest up. It was hard and all I had today.

B. Drop to 95 and 90% and preform 1 set of 6 at each percentage rest 3 min btwn sets 


Pretty tough which is sad considering how light it should be but whatever. It will take a bit to get back into things. hopefully stuff will come back quickly

AB 20 Seconds @ 100% 
Rest 3 minutes 


This was stupid hard. i felt like i was dying. i'm so out of shape.... my heart rate totally spiked and i was out of breath. legs where really ok and werent the limiting factor on this today. kinda the opposite of what is normal for me.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Sunday Run

Ran 4 miles with luca in stroller. its harder to run with stroller, especially on the hills.

Easy 1/Saturday

Day 1 A1. Single Arm Plank 30 seconds R and L side rest 1 min x5 A2. External Dip Support hold AMSAP (as soon as you start to get wobbly come down) rest 1 min x4 A3. KB Windmills 5-7 reps rest 1 min x5 A4. 10 Scap push ups rest 1 min x5 A5. 10 Cat Cow rest 1 min x5 B. 5x 60 seconds bent Knee hollow body hold

Yup- did all this.

Then I did this:

Squat Clean Emom, start at 135 increased by 10lbs every mn. stopped at 255. 

I just wanted to get some movement in after being off for so long

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunda/Hard 10

Took walk/run yesterday (Saturday) with Luca and Dixie. Very easy. 

Also took a hike with Luca on back today for about 1.5hrs

Did this in afternoon:

Day 10 
A. Clean Grip Deadlift Cluster rest 20 second btwn reps rest 2 min btwn sets x5 

275 for all

grip, thumbs, baby hands. Little pain/tight inside right shoulder blade, maybe a good thing since that's what I've been focusing on in pt. 

B1. Tempo Single Leg Romanian Deadlift 4-6 Reps rest 1 min btwn legs x4 3 seconds up 3 seconds down 1 second pause at both the top and the bottom 

95lbs x6 for all. Getting more stable with these

B2. Seated Good Mornings 8-10 reps rest 1 min x4 

135lbs x 10 for all. These were rough today. 

B3. Low Ring Hamstring Curls 12-15 reps rest 1 min x4 

15,15, 13,12

B4. 15 Deadlifts AFAP @ 225lbs rest 4 min x4

Yup, all about 20sec

Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday/Easy 6

Tried to workout last two days but my legs are totally worked from Tuesday. I wanted to do hard 10 yesterday or today and that was my plan but my inner hamstrings can't handle it. They started to tighten up as soon as I tried to warm up. Tried to take my time warning them up and stretching but they wouldn't loosen up. They cramped as soon as I started deadlifting, even warmup sets at 135. 

Day 6 

5 min Row @ 150 BPM 
20 Wall Ball Tosses 
5 min Run @ 150BPM 
20 Box Jumps + step down 20" 
5 min AB @ 150 BPM 
20 Burpees 

Yup- all felt good. I did the ski erg instead of run. Thought it would be better for legs that have been bothering me. They were ok on this workout. I felt them but just tight, no cramping like I was getting when I was starting to deadlift. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Monday/Hard 9

Took a run, and a long hike this weekend at cabin. Did shoulder exercises too. 

Day 9 

A. Front Squat 3-3-3-2-1 rest 2 min btwn sets set of 3 have to be heavier or same weight as set of 3 on Day 5 

270 x3 x3 x3
280 x2
295 X1

All felt pretty good 

B1. Glute Ham Raises 10-12 reps rest 2 min x5 

X12, x12, x11, x10, x10

B2. Seated Good mornings 10-12 reps rest 2 min x5 

135 x 12 for all

5 Rounds for TIme 
3 Power Clean 205lbs 
2 Front Squat 255lbs 
1 Back Squat 305lbs
*Use 1 bar rack the bar on the 3rd power clean add 25lb paltes for each movement and take them off after the PC

9:56 very consistent each round. All just shy of 2mn, slowed down by 10 sec at most from start to finish. Pc- unbroken. Felt good. Front squat was hardest part by far. 

My quads are cramping now. About 10mn after

It's now 3 hrs later and my legs are very tight.  Mid back a bit sore too. Was planning on hard day tomorrow but we'll see, may need to be an easy day. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday/Hard 8

Day 8 

A. Deadlift 6x5 @ Same Weight as day 4 rest 2 min btwn sets B. 

335lbs. But day 4 was deficit.....

Was fine. 

Weighted Pull ups 6x5 @ same weight as Day 4 rest 2 min btwn sets 

20lb vest. Kinda easy

+ 3 Rounds For Time
15 Power Cleans 135lbs 
15 Bar Facing Burpees
15 Ghd
15 Box Jumps 24"


First set of PC 8,7. Then sets of 5 on them. Breaks too long in pc. They worked me. 

Everything else slow and steady, paced. Maybe should have gone faster on other stuff but was trying not to exhaust  myself before cleans. Last round of Ghd was a littl hard. 

Kinda feel like I suck lately but I'm ok with it. Happy to be working out regularly for the last 3 weeks.  Will fill some stuff in this weekend at cabin but won't do any of your programming until I'm back next week. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Thursday/Hard 7

Day 7 

A. A. Squat Clean clusters rest 30 seconds btwn lifts rest 3 minute btwn clusters x3 

245 felt a little off but ok. Caught one weird and hurt should but kept going, didn't happen again. 

B. Pause Front Squats 5x3 rest 2 min btwn sets 5 second pause in bottom of front squat 

225 just really trying to come straight up and not forward or let knees claps. 

 + 30-24-18-12-6 AB Cals Wall Ball Tosses 30lbs


Really hard. Everything but more anaerobic issue vs tired arms or legs.  Struggled with 30lb ball a bit had to break most sets up 3times

Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday/Hard 6

Day 6 

A. Clean Grip Deadlift Cluster rest 20 second btwn reps rest 2 min btwn sets x5 

245, 245, 265, 265, 285

Difference between last weeks set of 3 and this week 2 is big. Hands do much better with 2. Easy on body, hard on hands but maybe can do a little more weight. Should have started heavier but though I would more trouble after last week at 245 was so hard. 

B1. Tempo Single Leg Romanian Deadlift 4-6 Reps rest 1 min btwn legs x3 3 seconds up 3 seconds down 1 second pause at both the top and the bottom 



B2. Seated Good Mornings 8-10 reps rest 1 min x3 



Harder then usual in mid/low back. 

B3. Low Ring Hamstring Curls 12-15 reps rest 1 min x3 


Shit is hard

B4. 15 Deadlifts AFAP @ 225lbs rest 4 min x3

Yup, about 20sec each time. 8-10: easy. Last 5 little slower and harder. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday/Easy 3

Day 3 

Ran for 40mn and then 15mn of rowing

Run had to run pretty fast for first 15mn to get up around 150bpm, about 8:15pace. Then run a little hill and settled into about 9:15-9:30pace. Sometimes would spike to 160 on a hill and then I would walk for about 20sec to bring back down

Row was steady at 140bpm, 2:15pace, 18 strokes per mn. 

A1. 10 reps each arm 90-90 rotator cuff and scap faciliation x3 A2
5 reps sidelying screw driver each side (video these for me please) x3 A3
10 Cat Cow T-Spine Focus x3

I'll text videos just recorded one of the sets, also a video of some of the pt stuff I'm doing. 

Yup did all this and my pt stuff. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday/Hard 5

Day 5 

A. Front Squat 4-4-3-2-1 rest 2 min btwn sets set of 4 have to be heavier or same weight as set of 4 on Day 1 

255 x4
255 x4
265 x3
275 x2
295 x1 

295 was surprisingly easy considering how hard everything else felt. 

B1. Glute Ham Raises 10-12 reps rest 2 min x4 

11 for all

First 8 are easyish every round then super hard for last 3. 

B2. Seated Good mornings 10-12 reps rest 2 min x4 

135lbs x12 for all

+ 3 min AMRAP 
5 Cal AB 
5 Power Cleans 205lbs 
10 Box Jump Overs 24" 
Rest 2 min x2

2 rounds + 7 (2 pc's)
2 rounds + 5cals

I may as well have spent the whole time doing power cleans. They are terrible right now, my pull suck and I'm not hitting my thighs but hitting my pelvic bone instead. My left foot is moving but my right isn't and feel like all the weight is on my right. My rotation with my elbows sucks too, right side more. 

I wonder if some of the pt stuff is making my back and shoulders tired/tight. I dunno. 

It's all good, just don't know why pc's were so tough today and yesterday. Maybe not enough warm up for upper body. Whatever

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday/Hard 4


A. Defecit Deadlift 5x5 rest 2 min btwn sets 


Standing on plates. 

B. Weight Pull ups 5x5 Rest 2 min btwn sets 

With 20lb weight vest, have to come to complete dead hang or it hurts shoulder. Kinda seemed too light until the very end. 

+ 3 Rounds for Time 
400m Run 
15 KB Swings 70lbs 
15 Burpees
500M Row 
15 HPC 95lbs 
15 Burpees 


Run was ok, slowed down as I went.
All kb's unbroken. A little shoulder pain at the top but nothing with stopping for. I paces all my burpees until the very end, didn't want to spike my heart rate too much so I stayed consistent on them but I sprinted last 15 to get done by 25mn and just made it. Row was slow, probably way to slow but I was struggling, about 1:50-2:00 pace. I sucked at the hpc, I just couldn't get a rhythm down. Broke each round up once or twice. 

My first total round took about 7-7:30mn, I don't know what the splits where on other rounds. I lost a bit of time on second round because both shoes came untied. 

Felt tougher then it should have today. I had just done physical therapy and had a massage right before that. Not sure if that had any impact. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday/hard 3

Day 3 

A. Squat Clean clusters 1.1.1 rest 30 seconds btwn lifts rest 3 minute btwn clusters x3

255 for all. Fairly solid. 

B. Pause Front Squats 5x3 rest 2 min btwn sets 3 second pause in bottom of front squat 

225, I think the weight was right. Seemed light but really tried to make my first move out of the bottom straight up. It's a struggle because my body wants to come forward. This was good for me. 

 + 10 Min AMRAP Row 200M 12 thrustres @ 115lbs 12 Box Jumps 30"

3 rounds + row and 7

This was all ok. 
Thrusters: 12; 9,3;8,4
Row: first round 1:35, second third and fourth 1:50
BJ: slow but consistent. 

Felt the hips

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday/Easy 2

Day 2 
A1. Cross over step up to Knee height box 10 reps each leg rest 1 min x4 


A2. 3 Pause Cossack Squats each leg with 35lb KB hold KB @ chest Hold Bottom of Cossack squat for 10 seconds rest 1 min x4 


A3. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats 10-12 reps light dumbells in each hand rest 1 min x4 

Yup- don't have db's at home so held the 35lb kettle bell. 

B1. Foam Roller, Barbell T-Spine Stretch rest 30 seconds x3 


B2. 30 Second Front Rack Hold with 100% Front Squat Max (focus on keep your shoulder blades together) rest 2 minute x3 

315 I front squat may be 305, not sure but plates seemed easier to put on. This shit was hard. Not nearly able to keep shoulder blades together and I'm a little confused by that. When I went to oly seminar a while ago, they spoke about creating a shelf for the bar which means spreading the shoulders apart and bringing forward. 

+ 20 min Z1 work

Close enough. Took 1.5hr long hike with Luca and Kelly at Afton today. Carrying Luca on back. 

Saturday/Easy 1

Day 1 
A1. Single Arm Plank 30 seconds R and L side rest 1 min x4 


A2. External Dip Support hold AMSAP (as soon as you start to get wobbly come down) rest 1 min x4 

Get wobbly pretty quick, like....I start off wobbly so I head for 15-20sec each time. 

A3. KB Windmills 5-7 reps rest 1 min x4 

Used 35lbs. Right shoulder much more
Difficult but not really painful so ok

A4. 10 Scap push ups rest 1 min x4 

Really trying to thing about bringing shoulder blades in and down. Not just in. Hard to bring down for me. 

A5. 10 Cat Cow rest 1 min x4 


B. 5x 60 seconds bent Knee hollow body hold


All of this was surprisingly difficult. Probably really good for me. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday/Hard 2

Day 2 

A. Clean Grip Deadlift Cluster 3.3.3 rest 20 second btwn reps rest 2 min btwn sets x5 


baby thumbs. Pull is really easy. Not easy on grip. 

Had to go down to 225 after 3rd set. Left hand is coming off. Loosing hook grip. Finger I cut off isn't helping. No chalk isn't helping either. 

B1. Tempo Single Leg Romanian Deadlift 6-8 Reps rest 1 min btwn legs x3 3 seconds up 3 seconds down 1 second pause at both the top and the bottom 

6 very hard

B2. Seated Good Mornings 10-12 reps rest 1 min x3 

95lbs probably too light but didn't want another bar in the mix. 

B3. Low Ring Hamstring Curls 12-15 reps rest 1 min x3 

12 holy fuckballs, shit is hard. 

B4. 15 Deadlifts AFAP @ 225lbs rest 4 min x3

UB, about 20sec for all. Fast through 10, then slow a little

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday/ Hard 1

Day 1 A. Front Squat 5-4-3-2-1 rest 2 min btwn sets 


My legs/hips are tighter then I thought they would be after Ragnar. Coming a bit forward. Surprised that front rack is hurting shoulder, hasn't been an issue in past. 

B1. Glute Ham Raises 10-12 reps rest 2 min x3 

11 these are pretty hard for me. Always have been. 

B2. Seated Good mornings 10-12 reps rest 2 min x3 

135 x10
135 x10
135 x10

+ 5 min ARMAP 10 Cal Assault Bike 10 Power cleans 185lbs 30 Double Unders

2 rounds. Actually a few dubs shy but close enough. Did all power cleans as singles. My pull sucked. Not sure if tired from Ragnar, from a,b; or just from not working out enough lately. 

Felt good to get it in and time was the right amount, about 1.5hrs from time I walked in door to when I left, including changing before and after. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tuesday class

Did class workout. 

8 front squats 185
8 bar facing burpees
200 m run

Rest 2 MN

8 deadlift 185
8 bar facing burpees
200 m run 

Start over at 12 and 24. So a total of 3 rounds. 

Didn't keep track of all my times but I beat everyone. On a few of the squat rounds Noah was ahead of me when leaving the gym but I beat him by a lot on the run. 

My rounds of squats were:
1:17, 1:16, 1:16

DL rounds were faster but don't remember times. 

Monday 8/8

Don't want to do anything to hard because of Ragnar this weekend. Also a bit time crunched

Emom until failure. Squat clean, started at 185, added 10lbs every MN. Got to 275. Everything felt heavy but I was happy with how it ended up. I caught 285 but got stuck in bottom


10mn AB, 30 sec at 50rpm, 30 sec at 66/67. 


8/7/16 Sunday

Paddle boarded 7/8 miles

8/6/16 Saturday

4.5 mile run at cabin

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Day 17/ Tuesday

Day 17 A. Push Jerk 2-2-2-1-1-1 rest 2 min inbetwen sets 

225 x2
225 x2
235 x2
245 x1
245 X1 
245 X1

Tried to keep it conservative today

+ 10 Rounds for Time 200M Run 1 Push Press @ 90% 1rm

11:25 ok, push press at 205

Monday, August 1, 2016

Day 16/ Monday

Day 16 

A. Back Squat to a 5rep Max 

315 that was not good. Maybe I need rest day. I was planning on doing 3 reps for warmup at 315 but I struggled so much that I'm calling this my 5rep max for today. Although I'm sure it's not true. I think I did 5x5 at 315 a few weeks ago. But this was not present today. 

B. Back Rack Walking Lunges 12 total steps rest 2 min x3 


+ AB 10 Seconds 5 Power Cleans @ 225lbs Rest 2:30 x5

1:02 terrible. 3squat 
1:03 2 squat
1:36 3 squat
2:20 all squats. Missed 2
2:30 all squats.

Just fought through. Really wanted to quit. That was really bad but whatever. All good. I probably needed a rest day but I won't be able to workout on Wednesday so I figured I'd push through until then.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day 11-15

Sorry to post all at once. I still have 5 days left. Hopefully getting back into the grove and working out more consistently. That is my goal. 

Day 11 A. Back Squat 4-5 Reps @ 310lbs rest 2 min btwn sets x5 


B. Front Rack Front Foot Elevated Reverse Lunges 6-8 reps each leg rest 2 min x4 

135 x8

Felt right 

+ AB 10 Seconds 5 Power Cleans @ 225lbs Rest 2:45 x5

Not today 

Day 12 A. Push Jerk 3-3-3-2-2-2 rest 2 min btwn sets 

235 little heavy, not sure I'll get next set
230 fuck. Dropped first one. Then went to 225 and tried again. Got it but shoulder hurts when I lock out. 
225 for 2, staying at 225

If I catch at full extension it hurts. I think it pushes should down. If I catch just before full extension, it's a lot better. Wonder if that's why I always do that without being conscious of it.

 B. Push Press Build to a Max 

225 was ok. Tried 235 and didn't get it

Drop to 90 Percent and Preform 1 rep EMOM till either 10 reps or Failure 

205 x10

Feel pretty week today. Maybe because it's morning and I didn't eat much yesterday and was feeling sick??

+ AB 4 min @ 3 RPM's Faster Than 30 min Pace Rest 1 min Btwn each set x8 Rest 3 min btwn sets 4-5

Did this. Don't remember the specifics. Stayed at about 62

Took about 2 weeks in between day 12-13. I was sick and then traveling. I did shit during this time but none of your programming and nothing too intense. 


Day 13 A. Deadlifts 1-1-1-1-1-1 Same Weight For all Sets 

425. Hard at end but right

+ 21-15-9 Deadlifts 315lbs Box Jumps 30"

8:57 not good. Rest were too long on DL. Bj's were ok, slow but consistent. 

Day 14/ Friday 
 Strength (a,b) on Friday
A. Split Jerk 12 Singles @ 245-265lbs rest as needed btwn lifts 

245 for all. Body is questionable today. Shoulder not great. Haven't really worked out lately. Stuff is heavy. 

B. 5 Split Jerks for Time @ 225lbs rest 2 minutes x5 

35sec. singles. Hard to bring down without dropping 
23sec. Unbroken. Faster but more painful. 
30sec. 4,1. Hard. Barely got last one
23sec. Unbroken. 

Day 14 metcon/Saturday 
Did this Saturday morning. 

+ 5 Sets 250M Ski Erg 20 HSPU 15 Chest to Bar Pull ups


HSPU were difficult today. Shoulders sore from yesterday OVerhead work. 

Took 4 mile run in afternoon

Day 15/Sunday

In the AM 20-30 min Z1 Run 

Ran last night. Took hour long hike with Luca on my back in this morning

 In the PM 

A. 20 Min to Establish a heavy Single Clean 

Missed 265 on first attempt. Got it on second but it was pretty bad. 

B. Banded Clean Pulls 5x5 rest 2 min Btwn sets 

225 blue band in garage. Felt slow and heavy

C. Front Squat 3-4 Reps Rest 2 min x5

245 x4
245 x4
245 x4 may have shit myself on #2, I'll check after.  Pretty hard. 
245 x4
245 x4

Probably should have gone heavier but I just feel week after hardly working out for a few week and now body is kinda tired now that I've done a few workouts and am getting back into it. All good. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Sunday Track

Track workout with Kyle

Friday/Day 10

Day 10 A. Front Squat 4-5 reps rest 2 min x5 try and go 5lbs heavier than last week

265 x5
265 x5
265 x5
265 x4

Felt good

B. Banded Clean Pulls 3-2-1-3-2-1 rest 2 min btwn sets 


10 min AMRAP with weight vest Row 250M 10 Pull ups 10 Burpees 10 Front Squats 135lbs

Feel like a fat ass when I where a vest. Now I now what it's like to be you but 20lbs lighter and not as strong. 

Really spiked after first row and set of burpees. All slow after that... Not ideal. Burpees with vest are hard. Pull-ups ok but extra weight is hard coming down on shoulder. Front squats ok. All transitions slow

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thursday 7/7

Day 9 A. Split Jerk 12 Singles Rest as needed btwn reps build as you go 

6 @ 245
4 @ 255
2 @ 265

Felt pretty good. Little struggle to lock out right shoulder. Minimum pain

B. For Time 30 Shoulder to OH @ 205lbs 


Right should/wrist/arm lockout is fucking with me. Worse when I don't drop bar. Overall was ok. 

+ 3 rounds for Time Ski erg 350M 25 HSPU


I went pretty fast on first ski, about 1:47-52 pace which is fast for me. Then slowed to about 1:57-2 for second and 2:02+ for third. 

Hspu 10,8,7 for all sets. Shit got hard 

Wednesday 7/6

Day 8 A. Deadlift 2-2-1-2-2-1 try to build through each wave rest 2 min btwn deadlifts 

395 x2
405 x2
425 X1
405 x2
415 x2
435 X11

B1. Single Leg Romanian deadlifts 8-10 reps rest 1 min btwn legs x4 

115 x10 for all

B2. Single Leg Glute Bridges rest 1 min btwn legs x4 

45 x10 left leg worse, for all

B3. 5 10 second Negative Glute Ham raises rest 3 minutes x4 

Really hard on hamstrings. Last 2 reps, cannot hold to 10sec. Negative 

C. 3 x10 clean grip Axel bar Deadlifts rest 2 min btwn sets

Nope. Too long. Been 1hr 20mn already. 

Tuesday 7/5

Did the ad part of my workout from day 7
Was super tired from lack of sleep. 

+ AB 3:30 seconds @ 3 RPM's Above 30 min AVG Pace Rest 1 min x6 Rest 2 min btwn rounds 3-4

55cals @66rpm
55cals @66rpm
48cals @63ish
47cals @ 61
46cals @60
46cals @60

I realized half way through my third set that I was going way to fast. This should have all been at about 62. I dunno what I was thinking. Been up since 4am. Kinda tired. 

Monday 7/4

4.5 mile run at cabin
150 push-ups
150 sit-ups

Sets of 25 alternating 

Friday 7/1

Day 7 A. Push Jerk 2-3 Reps rest 2 min x5 

225 x3 feel like I should do more but I question this shoulder
225 x3
225 x3
235 x2
235 x3

Struggling to lock out at the catch. I press at end of most to reach lock. Not catching it locked. 

B. Bench Press Build to a Max C Drop to 90% of B Preform 1 rep EMOM till Failure rest 3 min x2 

No bench today, no spotter and I have this fear that my shoulder will blow out on bench one of these days. Would prefer to have a spotter when it does. Maybe valid, maybe not

Couldn't do the AD metcon because class was using AD's. I took a 4 mile run when I got home